Know How to forward Centurylink email to Gmail ?

Use multiple email account is a very common thing among the users but manage these account at the same time is one of the challenging tasks for everyone. But if you are a Centurylink account holder, then you can very easily forward your Centurylink email to Gmail with the help of email forwarding feature.  With the email forwarding, you can forward all your emails to a particular email including the Gmail.

Details About How To Forward Centurylink Email To Gmail

The process of email forwarding is quite easy and simple if you have a proper knowledge about the forwarding process. But if you are a new user or don’t know how to forward Centurylink email to Gmail, then you should need to know about the proper procedure of email forwarding for Centurylink. In this article, you will learn about the step by step procedure of Centurylink email forwarding to Gmail.

Follow the below steps to forward Centurylink email to Gmail:

  •        First of all, go to the official Centurylink email page and then log in to your Centurylink account by using your email ID and password.
  •        Click on My Account section.
  •        Now click on Manage under the Domains.
  •        Now click on a particular domain for that you would like to set up Email Forwarding.
  •        After that, Email Forwarding row will be opened and then click on the Edit option.
  •        Enter a mailbox name under the Username box.
  •        Type the forwarding email address by means of your Gmail address into the To field on which email address you want forward email.
  •        After that, click on the Switch Service to Email Forwarding tab to complete the process of email forwarding.

Another Issue Centurylink Not Working

The Century link company provides an email to the users. This email can be used to avail the services provided by CenturyLink. The email comprises of a username and password. The password can be changed according to the user and can be used for further purposes. In case of Centurylink email not working, below listed steps can be followed:

In some of cases, email is not working due to the lost or forgotten password or username. The password can be reset by following the steps for reset procedure. In order to know about the forgotten username, the customer support needs to be contacted.

If a user is facing any problem in sending or receiving of the emails, there could be some issues with the email.

The user needs to check if the internet connection is working or not. The lights on the modem should be checked, that all lights should be working. And all the cables are properly plugged in.

The user should make sure that correct email server settings are being used. The server settings include the options of POP3, SMTP etc. which will communicate with an internet service provider. POP stores the email; SMTP transfers the emails from one server to another.

While entering the password of the email, it should be checked properly as it is case-sensitive. If the password is entered correctly then, reset procedure of password should be followed.

The user needs to confirm that there is no security conflict that is hindering the working of emails. There are various antivirus software and firewalls which could affect the emails service. In order to test the security software, disable the software temporarily and check. Once the testing process is done, enable it again.

After performing these steps, try to send or receive and email so that the reason for email not working can be checked. If still its not working, try updating the security software.

In case of any issue or query, the technical support of Century link can be contacted. The technical executive will collect all the detailed information about the issue and will try helping by providing the best possible solutions to the users.

Centurylink Customer Service

With the help of these above-described steps, you can very easily forward all your Centurylink emails to Gmail. If you face any technical problem during the forwarding process or have any other technical issue, then contact with the Centurylink customer service of Centurylink email to avail the better assistance.


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