How To Get A Refund From Google Play

Google play store is a digital media platform that enables us to download applications either for free of cost or purchase it online. All the common applications that we use such as social media platforms, camera apps, music apps etc can be installed free of cost but for apps like some kind of software or games requires payment. You can pay and purchase that application on your device. But sometimes things are not exactly the same as they appear. As a user you might not be satisfied with the services. In that case you can request a refund. For requesting for refund in Google play there are certain terms and conditions too. Hence if you are also not satisfied with the services, you can follow below steps telling How To Get A Refund From Google Play.

Process About How To Get A Refund From Google Play

Google Play Store Refund Policy

  1.   Before purchasing any application you should know about the basic rights you have as a user and customer. If you aren’t satisfied with the service you can claim for a refund.
  2. Total time given to return an app is a maximum of 2 hours from buying. If you return the application within 2 hours of buying it then you will get a refund option in front of the app and if 2 hours duration has crossed then you won’t be able to get a refund.

*To get the refunds tap on the application from menu icon of my account. Tap on the refund option and follow other steps to return the application.

  1. If you purchased any app but want to return it after 2 hours of buying then you won’t find return option near the application.
  2.   You can also contact an app or game developer for a refund by following steps.

*Open play store and tap on the application you want to return and developer you want to contact and then click on ‘read more’.

  1. If you have purchased an ebook and now want to cancel it then you can return them within 7 days. Though there are certain clauses related to the return policy for which you can contact Google customer support.
  2. If you have purchased any movie or TV show and later realize that the picture quality of movie isn’t good then you can return it within 65 days but if you haven’t started watching it before then you can easily return within 7 days.
  3. If you have purchased Google music and don’t find it happening or soothing then you can return it within 7 days. And if you haven’t downloaded it then you can request for refund as well through:

*Tap on history in play store and select the application. Now tap on report a problem and then refund request.

Google Play Customer Service

Hence if one wants to know How To Get A Refund From Google Play then they can follow the above steps. And in case of more queries, one can reach out to Google customer support.


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