How To Install Google TV on Android TV

Google apart from being the single most popular search engine in the world, is also a producer of some of the most advance, latest and futuristic devices and computer software. If you are an active user of the Google products or you are someone who always keeps up with the new technologies then you must be aware of the fact that after a gap of two years Google has launched its Google Chromecast. The most eye catching feature of it is that it comes with Google TV. If you want to know how can get Google TV on Android TV then you are the right place. 

Steps To Install Google Tv On Android Tv

Below mentioned are some of the vital points that you need to keep in mind if want to install Google TV on Android TV. Make sure that you follow all the steps precisely – 

1) At the very first you need to begin with downloading the updated version of Google TV APK and android app for Television. 

2) Then go to the play store and search for the Solid loader app,  download and install it. 

3) Once you are done setting up all the above-mentioned software you need to move on to the setting tab of your Android TV. 

4) Then go to the Device preferences options and from there select the option of restrictions and security. You need to enable the toggle for the solid explorer. 

5) Now you need to transfer both the APK file on your Android TV. 

6) then open the Solid explorer and locate both the APKs. 

7) Next you need to begin the installation process of Google TV.

8) Now once again go to the play store and download the Home screen launcher for Android TV. 

9) Once you install it, the Home screen launcher will automatically identify the LauncherX.

10) Finally open Launcher X and there you go with your Google TV on your android. 

Google Tv Helpline

Now that you know how you can Get Google Tv On Android Tv, you need to remember that the version of the Android TV that you are using must be updated. 


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