How To Install SSL Certificate

If website designer need to install SSL certificate but having doubt that how to install SSL certificate so, this blog may help you  or you can contact to the SSL certificate customer car number to get help.

Website Design – in simple words it consists of different skills as well the disciplines which are required for the maintenance of websites and even for the creation of the website, different aspects are web page layout, content production and graphic designing .In today’s time to the most of the people web development and the web design means the same however the web design is the broader concept of web, as the technology is growing faster it becomes all the more important to secure the website and in order to do the same SSL certification is used which is a text file with encrypted data that one install on the server which indeed helps to secure all the important communication between the website and the respective customer and in order to use the same one has to install and learn How to install SSL certificate

Get Details How to install SSL certificate

In order to install SSL certificate on should know that following are the things which are required

Requirement -

  •         SSL certificate from the commercial certificate authority has to be purchased how the turn around to this is to issue certificate from the Letsencrypt although it is new          but can be issued for free
  •         One has to own the registered domain name with what one wants to use the SSL certificate
  •         One has to have a web server in order to install SSL certificate on

Installation process – one has to perform the following steps in order to learn How to install SSL certificate

        First and foremost is to select the certificate authority if one finds himself or herself in the baffling state there is a way to overcome the same is looking for something where all the features are provided at a affordable price and very important that it should be member of root certificate programs and some of the types are

  •   Single Domain
  •   Wildcard
  •   Multiple domain

        One the individual is done with the sorting of the type of certificate now it the time to generate a certificate signing request and private key , if the individual will be using Apache HTTP or Nginx as web server in order to get the key use openssl and then one will be shown couple of information all what one needs to pay heed is Common Name field should match the name which one wants to use the certificate with

Know how to purchase SSL certificate

        In order to purchase the certificate one is required to specified certificate page scroll down select the type of SSL certificate one wants to purchase from the menu , select the plan type , select the term and hit the add to cart button review once the selected option complete the registration and pay from the available options

Know How To install SSL Certificate

        Once the payment is done , you will be required to go to the Manage SSL Certificate link and one will be able to see the list of the SSL Certificate that have been purchased hit on Activate now link for the certificate one wants to use , select the software of the web browser which will help to determine the format now paste the CSR options in the given field and hit next button which will help to get to the Select Approver process and one will get the validation email address and one will be required to enter the Administrative Contact information and click on submit order button

        One will be required to open the email and approve the certificate address

        Now one will have the certificate emailed and check the email which states that SSL certificate has been issued click on the download option

Installation –

        Nginx – if one wants to use the server with Nginx on Ubuntu 14.04 take the following steps

  •   If the certified authority include intermediate certificate one must create a single chained certificate
  •   Change the directory that contains the private key , certificate and the CA intermediate certificates and use the command to create a combined file
  •   Now the individual will be required to go to the Nginx server block configuration directory and open the file for editing, find and modify the directory , look for server_name directive and one has to ensure that it matches the common name of the certificate and one can also add the ssl_certificate and ssl_certificate_key to specify the path as well the private key files .
  •   If one wants to redirect the HTTP traffic to HTTPS one has to do is by adding the additional server , save and quit
  •   Restart Nginx to load the configuration and enable SSL

By taking the steps mentioned above one will be able to learn how to install the SSL certificate

SSL Customer care

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