How To Manage Password On Google

Google today never falls short of any formal kind of introduction. All the internet users only prefer Google for web browsing or sending mails. Google can easily be accessed in any corner of the world except those countries where Internet is banned. Also if you are an android user or windows, you need to have one common Google account to access all the features of Google which includes mail, Duo, map, tools, browser, Play store and much more!

Google Password Manager Android

Hence if you want you can easily use all of it. But also along with so many facilities, there are also other certain things that have a threat to your account. One such biggest threat is hacking of accounts. At times whenever we log in our accounts, browser asks if we want to save our password, and in a hurry we click yes. And when someone else uses that account, our site logs in. If she or he wants, can hack it! Thus for the same reason one can do Google Password Manager Android. To know how, tap on below details.

Ways How To Manage Account Password On Google

  • If you want, you can save your password on chrome. At times when you use a new device, it will seek your permission to remember your password. Thus you can say yes.
  • If you click on never by mistake, you can never log in the same page. But when you do a fresh log in. chrome will ask you again if this time you want to save your password
  • You can view all your saved passwords in downloads, if you are using multiple Google accounts
  • If you want, Google also gives access to its users to export their passwords. But before exporting password there is one thing very important to remember that do it only if required. Because once you have done this, your passwords can be read as plain texts.
  • In case you think your password might get stolen or someone can break in your account, then you can remove your passwords. Go in your downloads, go through the passwords and remove the one you want.

Google Support

And you are done with the methods of How To Manage Password On Google. Apart from all these steps, if in case you think you have any doubt you can easily contact on Google customer support. They operate 24x7 on all seven days.


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