How To Reactivate Old Yahoo Account

Mistakenly Yahoo or you have deleted the account? If yes, then you can reactivate it easily though you have to direct some steps that we have covered later in this blog. But, there are certain things that you should know before you reactivate the account. 

If the account is deleted permanently and you do not access it within 40 days of deleting, then you cannot recover the account. In case your account goes down due to some activity that is not permissible on Yahoo or violating the terms and condition, then you can’t reactivate old yahoo account. Apart from this, you can easily Reactivate Old Yahoo Account by directing the below-mentioned process. 

Ways To Reactivate Old Yahoo Account Promptly 

  • Arrange The Account Key 

It is the most vital part of the account reactivation, all you have to visit the official site of Yahoo. Now, for this, you must have linked an alternative email or the phone number. Now, login with the provided details and go with the “yes, text me the account key of my account.” It will take some time. 

Once you get the account key, then you can direct the below-shown steps for Reactivate Yahoo Account. Though, it might happen that you have lost or don’t have the linked phone number. In this, you can go with another option, like “I don’t have the registered phone number.” Here you can find the different ways through which you can easily recover the account key. Now, once you arrange this, you can go with the discussed steps.

Steps To Reactivate Old Yahoo Account

  • Go to the login page of Yahoo! 
  • Click on the login option, and provide the details for the login. Here you must remember the password as well as the ID associate with it
  • Now, provide the KEY for the account and click on the verify me 
  • Next, after the verification, then you can see the success popup 
  • For confirmation, you can see the recovery email and phone number. If you want to change it, then you can edit the provided information. Once you change it, then you will receive the code on the provided number. You have to provide the code and verify the number
  • Once you complete the process, then you can go with the updated page and click on the OK icon 

With this, you can easily Reactivate Old Yahoo Account. Though you might not get quick access, it will take a certain number of hours to verify. Once the account gets reactivate, then you will get the notification on the alternative email. 

How Do I Get Through Yahoo Customer Service

In this way, you can manage the account. However, if you find it hard to reactivate the account, then you might need to contact the support person of Yahoo and gets quick support. It will make the process easy and you can expect full aid and prompt solutions.

Yahoo is the American web service provider for every user. It is the most popular website worldwide. It is a type of web portal site. The products of Yahoo are Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo Sport, etc. it’s headquarter is located in Sunnyvale, California, the U.S. Now, sometimes customer feels the requirement of getting the Yahoo Customer Service, which is the very suttle & convenient option for the users of Yahoo.

Now if you want to get yahoo customer service assistance, then for that you need to just follow these steps that are simple & easy to get you with Yahoo customer assistance;

  • First of all you need to visit the Yahoo official web page from a web browser
  • After that you have to sign in to your Yahoo account with the help of username id, phone number & password
  • But on the site page you are also given the option to chat with the executive’s, which are available 24/7 round the clock to provide instant solutions for the query
  • And another way of getting Yahoo customer services is mentioned below
  • Now you have to just search for the options like support, help, contact us
  • Now if you see any of these options then you can very easily get assistance from the representative
  • Because by clicking on any of these options you get the toll free number of the Yahoo customer service support team
  • Take the number dial it & just follow the instructions given by the voice mail.

Therefore, if you need more information related to Yahoo Customer Service, then you can get the number from the above-mentioned steps & the number is toll-free & is available 24/7 for customer assistance while you face any issue in operating the Yahoo email services.


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