How To Recover Apple ID Password

When you are locked out of your account, your work gets hampered. But some users generally get confused while learning the username and password of different accounts.

Ways To Recover Apple Id Password 

 Today, people have joined various social platforms, so it is quite difficult to remember the password of all the accounts. Today, we are talking about the need to reset the password of Apple ID. This ID is mandatory when you are trying to download any new app in your device or trying to get things done.

We are here to assist you if you have lost access to your Apple ID, and you are trying hard to reset it but not successful. The Apple id Password Recovery process is explained in this article that the passengers can go through and get assistance. They can also connect with the team of experts to know about the process.

Apple ID Recovery Process:

  • To start with the recovery process, you need to go to the Apple ID and then hit on the Forgot Apple ID or password that you will find in the middle of the page.
  • You will go to the page where you have to enter the Apple ID. Then, you will go to a new web page where you need to enter your name and your email address linked to your account.
  • If you have enabled the two-factor authentication for your account, then your screen will look quite different, and you will get the notification to enter your phone number.    
  • You can now choose the method of how you can recover your account. You can go for the recovery of your account with the help of email or by answering the security questions.
  • If you go for the email method, you will get an email from apple that will contain the verification link. You need to click on that, and then you will go to the new web page called the password reset page. You have to enter the new password now, confirm it, and save the changes.
  • You can now log in again with the help of your new password.
  • If you have one with the option of answering the security questions, then you need to answer them correctly, and then you will reach directly to the password reset page.

Guide To Reset Apple Id Password With Security Questions & Two Factor Authentication

Apple users often face this situation where they have either forgotten their Apple ID’s password, especially when they either try to install a new application into their device or perform any other task where they need to authentication their Apple ID verification. Besides, the password of any Apple ID is setup to ensure protection of the iCloud or iTunes account or any other important Apple service. Now, resetting an Apple ID password is quite easy and can be done via various ways.

Therefore, if you are also an Apple user and have lost access to it due to forgotten password, then worry not as this post will help you via Apple ID password recovery with security questions and two factor verification. Hence, read further.

Steps To Recover An Apple ID Via Using Security Questions

  • Fire up your web browser and then visit the Apple Account login page in it to begin with the recovery process.
  • Now, hit the Forgot Apple ID or password link mentioned on the page and then you might see your password automatically filled in the relevant field or you can recover it with the further steps.
  • On the next page, enter the Apple ID that belongs to you and then you’ll need to enter the name and the email address linked to your account on the next page.
  • Here, select the “I need to reset my password” link and then if you have enabled the two-factor authentication in your account then you might see the next screen different, and you’ll also be prompted to confirm the phone number linked to your account.
  • Next steps would be to pick your Account recovery option that is to answer a set of security questions in this case. Alternatively, you can also select the email account linked to your Apple ID for resetting its password.
  • Now the Security Question recovery process requires you to confirm your birthday and then you can continue to reset your password by creating a new one.

Therefore, you should be able to do your Apple ID password recovery with security questions without any hassle.

Steps To Recover An Apple ID Via Using Two Factor Authentication

The following instructions will help you with your Apple id password recovery with 2-factor authentication. You can do it in two ways, here’s how

Via Using iOS device

  • Go to Settings in your iOS device and select your profile.
  • Select Password & Security and then pick Change Password.
  • Mention your device pass-code and then you can reset your password.

Via Using Apple ID account page

  • Visit the iForgot Apple Id page in your web browser and then enter the trusted phone number linked to your two-factor authentication.
  • Select Continue and to fetch a notification on trusted iOS device.
  • Tap on Allow on the received notification and then follow the onscreen prompts enter the passcode, and reset the password as well.

Moreover, If you don’t find the aforementioned information helpful then contact tech-support to get assistance on  Apple id password recovery with 2 factor authentication or security questions.

Apple Support

This is how you can go for an Apple ID password reset. You are free to call the team to get their aid if the issue is still not resolved. This is all about the recovery of the Apple ID recovery process.

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