How To Recover Disabled Google Account

How Can I Restore My Disabled Google Account?

Google is highly known for its best in class mailing services and it is also very strict about its security. Whenever Google sees any unknown activity or sees that someone is crossing the policies prescribed by the users then it disables the account on a temporary basis. In such conditions, users will not be able to access their Google account until they would not recover it. There are different ways to recover a disabled Google account which is mentioned in this article.

How To Recover Disabled Google Account Due To Age

Google has set an age limit for using the Google related services and if you are not under the prescribed age, then your account will be disabled on a temporary basis. But you can simply recover your Google account by identifying that you are old enough to use Google account such as providing any government-issued ID, passport or other. If your Google account disabled due to age, then follow the below instructions:

  • Go to the official sign-in page of Google and then click on Sign In option.
  • Enter your login credentials for the disabled account and then click on Next.
  • Click on Try to Restore tab.
  • Now a new page will open where you may ask to enter the required information and then follow the on-screen instructions to restore your Google account.

How To Recover Disabled Google Account Due To Policy Violation

Google always disables the account when it sees any unwanted activity or someone violating the policy of Google 1-805-505-7120. After the account disabling you will get a message that says “Google Accounts are usually disabled because Google detects a policy violation”. After that, you will need to identify yourself to prove that you are the owner of this Google account and have not violated any policy. If your Google account disabled due to policy violation, then you can simply restore it through the below steps:

  • Visit the official sign-in page of Google and then sign in to your account using the login credentials. 
  • Click on Learn more.
  • Now click on Ask us to restore your account section.
  • Now choose any method to restore your account and you can also fill out a form where you will need to answer some security questions asked by Google.
  • After that, click on the Submit tab.

Quick Guide To Fix Google Account That Has Been Disabled Due To Suspicious Activity

So you have been encountering Google account disabled notification while you try to log in to your account. Well, the issue isn’t unusual at all as Google does disable its accounts if it finds any suspicious activity in them. However, the issue is completely fixable and usually Google accounts are disabled temporarily as in 24 hours to long periods depending on the behavior of account user. So, if you have been looking at the warning that says: “Action Required: Your Google Account is Temporarily Disabled”, then here’s what you need to do.

Steps To Fix Disabled Google Account Due To Suspicious Activity

In order to do Google Account Recovery for your disabled account, you’ll need to make sure that you do it in the known web browser on which you have previously login to your Google account. Then you can follow the steps mentioned below to get back your disabled Google account.

  • So, first, get access to your account and then select the “Try to restore Google Account” option
  • Keep following the further account verification instructions and then a request form will pop up
  • Submit the form with required account verification details such as account holder name, phone number, alternative phone number, etc and then submit it

Wait for further verification from the Google tech team and then contact them to get further details on Google account recovery.

How To Recover Google Account Username And Password 

If you have forgotten your Google password and do not know how to get it back then you shall not panic. You can follow the steps below to know how to recover Google account password in simple steps. 

Learning How To Recover Google Passwords

  • Open a web browser and head over to the Google account recovery page from its search bar. 
  • Enter the username that you want to get back and tap “Next”.
  • You will be asked to select any one recovery option and if you choose recovery using text then enter the phone number in the space further and tap the “Send Code” option.
  • Check the verification code received to you over the SMS and enter the same on the recovery page. 
  • Gmail will be checking the code and allowing you to create a new password. Make sure that you enter the unique password and tap “OK”. 

And with the help of the above steps, you can easily recover your password. Now, in case you have forgotten the username then you can further follow the steps to know how to recover Google account username and get back the username.

Steps To Get Back Google Account Username

  • From the web browser head over to Google account sign-in page.
  • When the sign-in page gets displayed in front of you, you are asked to enter the username. As you do not remember the username tap on “Forgot Email?” option from the bottom of the box.
  • You will be asked to enter the phone number or alternate email that is linked to your account and tap “Next”.
  • You will get a verification code on your option and you can enter the same in the box and tap “Next”.
  • When the verification is done then your username gets appeared in front of you. Tap yes to confirm and then enter the password.

So, with the help of the above steps, you can even get back to Google's username. 

How Can I Perform Google Account Recovery 

There are times when you don't log in to your account and forget the password. In such a case, you can access your Google account. If something like this is happening, you can regain access to your account. All you need is to password reset. You can reset your account password and then, you will have access to your Google account.

Follow the Steps to Recover Your Forgotten Google Account Password

  • First of all, you need to go to the Google account recovery page.
  • Enter the username and click Next.
  • Further, you have to enter your previous password if you remember. Otherwise, click Try another way.
  • In this way, you will see a notification for resetting the password, click Yes.
  • Also, tap on the number that you see on your mobile the same as the browser.
  • After that, you will see the password reset options on your screen.
  • Then create and confirm the new password also save the password.

This is how you will be able to reset your Google account password. On the off chance, if you see any problem while doing Google account recovery, you can contact the customer service team. The team will offer you support 24*7 over a single phone call.

Google Account Recovery Without Phone Number & Email

A Google account is very important for accessing various services and products offered by Google. Although not every service requires a Google account, there are a few ones in which correct credentials are a must. Google account can be linked with several other third-party applications and services. If you lose your account credentials, it will become difficult to access the service. So, whenever you forget your details, you need to recover the account. For further details to recover Google Account without phone number, use the info provided in this article.

Recover Google Account With Alternate Option

When you are unable to access any service due to incorrect login details, recovery of the account is required. In case you don't have access to your phone, then you can recover Google Account without phone number, using the following steps:

  • Go to the Google account recovery page on your web browser.
  • Initially, you need to provide the Google email address or phone number linked with Google, and click Next.
  • When the password page prompts, click on Forgot Password, and proceed with the recovery options.
  • For recovery of your Google account, you can select any of the alternate options:
  1. The very first option is to enter any old password for the Google account.

  2. Next is to select the date when you created this Google account.

  3. After this, if you don't have access to the phone, you can use an alternate email ID.

  4. In case you cannot access your alternate email, you can enter your phone number and proceed.

  • In the case of phone number and email address, Google will send you a security code.

  • When you enter the code correctly, you will have the option to create a new password.

  • The new password is entered twice for the confirmation.

  • Further, you can use the password to complete the account recovery and access Google account.

All these steps are used to recover Google Account without email, just by replacing the alternate email option, with any other option.

For any help, you can contact the support team of Google, where the executives are available 24x7 to assist you with your queries or issues.

Here’s How You Can Restore Your Google Account: Simple Guide

Having you been issues with your Google account such as it being blocked or disabled? If you have been facing such an issue for so long, then it is time to restore it, or you might not be able to get access to it.  Here’s how you can do this. But before you get to know about How To Restore Google Account, have a look at the reasons below due to which your Google account might be disabled.

  • Account has been hacked
  • Excessive incoming emails
  • Account is being used for abusive content
  • Account is not working as per the product policies
  • Spamming or child exploitation
  • Malware, phishing & other issues
  • Misleading account profiles
  • Peace-harming content

Steps To Restore Disabled Google Account

You can try following the steps mentioned below to restore your Google account, however, if this doesn’t work for you, then contact the Google support experts.

 Google USA(650) 253-0000) or (1-807-698-5511)

  • Visit the Google account sign-in page, and sign into your account.
  • Select the ‘Try to restore’ option that appears on the screen.
  • Hereafter, follow the onscreen instructions to restore your disabled account.
  • After the restoration process completion, you should be able to get access into your Google account.

Moreover, you may also need to fill out the account restore form for which you can contact the Google support experts. They’ll surely guide you on How To Restore Disabled Google Account.

Why do Google accounts get disabled 

Google is the one thing on which everyone relies and seeks advice. You need to make a Google account if you want to sign in to any software or app for that matter. However, sometimes, your account gets disabled by Google if it finds you something different with your account. 

This article will tell you some of the reasons why your account got disabled and ways to recover disabled Google Account.

Reasons why your account may get disabled

  • If you get caught doing some unwanted activity, your account gets blocked
  • If you have violated the policy of Google
  • If you are trying to get to your account but entering the wrong password again and again
  • If your account has crossed the limit of its operation
  • If you have done some malicious activity

Steps to recover your account

In the above cases, you can follow the steps provided to recover your account.

  • Go to the official login page f Google and try typing your login credentials in the assigned boxes
  • Click on the Learn more option
  • You need to click on Ask us to restore your account option
  • Select the most suitable option to recover your account 
  • You can also fill out a form where you will have to answer the security question and click on submit
  • If your answer matches the saved data, you will be able to access your account.

If your account time has expired, you need to follow these steps to recover it again.

  • At first, go to the sign-in page of Google and try to log in to your account
  • Enter the login credentials of the account which is disabled
  • Click on the Next button and then hit the Try to restore tab
  • You will be led to a different page where you have to enter all the required information
  • Follow all the instructions coming on the screen and then click on submit
  • You will be able to access your account shortly.

These were some steps to Recover Disabled Google Account following which you can easily access your account. You need to read the policies carefully to avoid the same situations in the future.

Google Support

In case you are still not able to know How To Recover a Disabled Google Account after applying the above-given steps, then you can also contact the Google customer support team and get instant help.

  • Google Customer Service  USA                    (650) 253-0000
  • Google Customer Service  Malaysia            1-800-887-774
  • Google Customer Service  Netherlands       0800-4500-001, 0900-0401-069
  • Google Customer Service  New Zealand      0800-957-854
  • Google Customer Service  Mexico                01-800-083-5649
  • Google Customer Service  Canada               1-877-355-5787
  • Google Customer Service  Hong Kong          307-13746   
  • Google Phone Number     Chile                     123-002-00551 562-261-88298
  • Google Columbia                                            01-800-518-2904
  • Google Customer Care France                       0805-540-801
  • Google Phone Number  Vietnam                   1800-4919
  • Google Customer Service UK                         0800-169-0455

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