How To Recover Gmail Password Without Phone Number

A Gmail password needs to be changed at the times when the user forgets the current one. However, recovery of Gmail password is most easily via registered phone number, but what if you don't have access anymore. 

Gmail Password Recovery Without Phone Number

In that case, you have to proceed towards recovery of forgotten Gmail passwords through your alternate email or security question. Moreover, the procedure to change Gmail password without phone number is instructed below.

How To Change Gmail Password With Recovery Email

  • You can use alternative email when you have to go for Gmail password recovery without phone number as explained below:
  • Go to the Gmail recovery page and enter your ID
  • Tap continue and then either provide your old password or choose Try another way tab
  • Next, choose I don’t have my phone to skip the recovery via phone number
  • Then you will get the alternative email option to receive a code from Google
  • Tap send button and then grab the code by accessing your email
  • Then paste that code on recovery window for getting transferred to password reset page
  • Now create a new password for your Gmail account

How To Change Gmail Password By Answering Security Question

  • You can choose your security question for performing Gmail password recovery without phone number as below:
  • Visit the recovery page of Gmail and type user ID
  • Hit continue and provide any last remembered password or tap try another way button
  • Next, hit I don’t have my phone button and move to next choice
  • Then choose to Try another way again to move towards the security question
  • Next, when you click on answer security question tab the question  will appear
  • Then answer the question accurately and move to reset window
  • Now you have permission to create a new Gmail password

Gmail Customer Service

In case you experience any trouble during Gmail password recovery without phone number, you have to get in touch with their technical support team for guidance. A technical representative from the customer service team of Gmail will support you towards the successful recovery of your account login password that you don't remember any more.

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