How To Recover Deleted Yahoo Account

How Will You Recover Deleted Yahoo Account? Get Complete Information Here

Once you delete your Yahoo account, it can be recovered later. However, if you try to reactivate it in a day or two, you won't see many problems. You may be in trouble if it's once deleted permanently. Moreover, you can get access again by simply login into your account. So, before doing the Yahoo account recovery, you should log in to your account. But before that, you should confirm if your account has been deleted. Go through the given steps:

Steps To Recover Permanently Deleted Yahoo Account

  • First of all, go to
  • Then you should enter your phone number or email address and click Continue. 
  • If your account is deleted permanently, you will see the message on the screen mentioning the reason. 

Now, when you are sure that your account has been deleted, you should perform the Yahoo account recovery steps to regain access to your yahoo account. 

Follow The Steps To Recover Deleted Yahoo Account

  • To begin with, you should open the Sign In page on your browser. 
  • Then you have to enter the email address and click Next. 
  • Just in case, your account is available for recovery, you would see the recover Yahoo account page. You need to choose the Text or Email option over there. 
  • Depending upon your choice, you will receive a verification code on your email address or phone number. 
  • You are required to provide that code in the given field and click Continue. 
  • After that, you would have the option to create and confirm a new password for the Yahoo account. 
  • Once the password reset is successful, you need to click Continue. 
  • Furthermore, you will see account recovery settings on the screen. Edit your Add email or phone number if required. Otherwise, click Looks Good. 

Yahoo Support

This is how you will be able to recover your deleted account. If you still see any problem and are not able to recover the Yahoo account, you can contact the Yahoo support team. The team will offer you all the required information for Yahoo account recovery. Besides, you can contact Yahoo support at any time as they're accessible around the clock.

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