How to Recover Yahoo! Account?

Are you unable to make your Yahoo! account login? Maybe the account password is out of your mind, and you are entering a wrong password. Or perhaps the account is hacked and password is changed without your knowledge. Don’t get worried! We are here to guide you in recovering the lost account. You must have added a recovery phone number or secondary email address to your Yahoo! account. If yes, we are ready to answer your question how to recover yahoo account throughout this page. Let’s check the steps for recovering your Yahoo! account password with phone number and email address here.

Yahoo! account recovery via the recovery phone number

  • Open your preferred web browser
  • Type the web address and launch the Yahoo! Sign-in Helper page
  • Here you will be prompted to your Yahoo! Mail email address or phone number
  • Enter the second option
  • Then the Sign-in Helper will move through some of the reset options
  • If you have the recovery phone number within your access, you will get a text message in this number
  • Then you will need to select Do you have access to this phone?
  • Click on Yes, text me an account key
  • You will soon get a text message which will contain a recovery code
  • Go to Verify that you have this phone and get a blank box
  • Fill this box with the received key
  • Click on Verify to ensure the account recovery

Yahoo! account recovery via the secondary email address

  • Open your preferred web browser
  • Type the web address and launch the Yahoo! Sign-in Helper page
  • Here you will be prompted to your Yahoo! Mail email address or phone number
  • Enter the first option
  • Then you need to open the Sign-in Helper page
  • The Sign-in Helper will then go through the reset options
  • Here you are advised to click on Do you have access to this email?
  • Also, select yes, send me an account key
  • If you have the secondary email address within your access, you will get a recovery email
  • The received email will contain an account recovery link
  • Click on this link and get the opportunity to set a new password
  • Enter a new password and confirm it by entering for the second time
  • Save the changes
  • Make a conversation with Yahoo! account security officials

Steps involved In Yahoo Account Recovery Without verification code

One of the free webmail services, Yahoo is always of help to the clients to receive and share the emails. It helps the important stuff like entertainment, application, software, and much more. To use Yahoo on an iPhone or any mobile device, you should have access to your internet browser. but have you ever thought what will you do if you lose access to your account?

Well, if you are unable to access the account, then you can go for the Yahoo account recovery. It will help you to change the password successfully. There are times when the users are not able to access their accounts with the help of the verification code. We have come across many users who have lost access to their recovery phone number and so they would not be able to do this with the verification code. But, you don’t need to worry as you can go for Yahoo account recovery with the help of the email ID.

Steps To Do Yahoo Account Recovery:

  • The first step of recovering the Yahoo account is to access the yahoo email account by using the password and correct email address.
  • Then, you are required to enter the last password you remember. If the password is wrong, then you can click on “Forgot password”.
  • You will then enter your recovery email address. You will receive the reset password link.
  • You have to open your email and then click on the reset password link. When you will click on that, you will go to the password reset page.
  • Once you reach on the password reset page, you have to enter the new password and then re-enter it to confirm it.
  • Then, the last step is to click on the save change option.

These steps can be taken to recover your yahoo account. Well, you can call on the toll-free number to take the help of the executives. These executives will help you out if you are stuck in this tough situation. Also, their services are always available for users.

Yahoo Customer Service

Are you not satisfied with the answer (to the question of how to recover yahoo account) given here? If no, we must advise you to make a chat or telephonic conversation with the live chat professionals associated with this tech giant. The chat professionals of Yahoo! are highly skilled and dedicated to their work. They have been serving the account users by answering the questions asked by them. Hence, getting the answer to the question, how to recover yahoo account, is not a challenging job. Still have any doubt then just make a call on Yahoo Customer Service Number and just sort issue with the help of experts.

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