How To Reset Apple Safari

Have you aware about the safari web browser ? Safari is one of the leading and most popular mobile web browser in the world. It comes by default and inbuilt on every application of Apple. Within a span of few decade it has generated a lot amount of interest in the peoples. If Apple safari users want to reset their browser and want to know that how to reset Apple safari on mac then here we get all details to reset Apple Safari.

How To reset Apple Safari on Mac

The main reason behind such huge popularity can be accessed from the fact that the various facilities it provides to its user compared to their peers. It offers quick integrated multimedia platform  which help us access the audio and video files in no time. But sometimes user does face problem, one of the common problem user face is regarding How to reset Apple Safari on Mac. User can take the assistance from the customer service or follow these simple procedure to fix the issue on time.

Know how to reset Apple safari on Mac through some steps

  1. First of all, Close all the programs on safari and then click on the GO tab on the top toolbar.
  2. Again hold down the option key until library option as well as shows up and then click it.
  3. Now In a new window locate click on the Safari folder and then move it your desktop or somewhere else.
  4. Again Make sure to go to the library folder again and delete the indicated files .
  5. Go to the saved application state folder and then search for State Folder and delete it.
  6. Make sure to go to the caches folder and find all folders and delete them.
  7. Now In the cookies folder locate a  file called and send it to trash.
  8. In the Preferences folder eliminate all files that feature
  9. The action of manual and in built features will all the issue and hence reset your Apple Safari.  
  10. Apple Safari Phone Number
  11. In case, if you ever face problem regarding How to Reset Apple Safari on mac, then its better to take the help from the Apple Safari technical support team by one call on Apple Safari phone number which are well versed in their domain and have tons of experience to make sure whatever be the problem must be resolved quickly.
  12. Open the Privacy section of the Safari’s Preferences.
  13. Click on the Details button and “ remove all website data “ button.
  14. Then search for your site and then remove only it from the list.
  15. Again In order to clear the safari’s web caches, User needs to go to Advanced section of Safari’s Preferences in order to know further about how to reset Apple Safari on mac
  16. Then click on the show Develop menu in the menu bar option.
  17. Further select empty caches from this menu.
  18. User can also disable the extension by trying to the extension section of safari Preferences and sliding the settings to Off.

Apple Safari Phone Number

Have any issue with Apple Safari then just contact to the Apple safari phone number anytime 24*7 and technicians will help their clients to fix their issue in time .Experts will provide you the proper guidance to reset your Apple Safari or you have still any doubt that how to reset Apple safari then just contact on Apple Safari phone number and they will assist you. 


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