How To Restore Suspended Gmail Account

Gmail account is mostly preferred by all the online users for exchanging emails and hence can also be used for setting important alerts and notifications. A lot of users end up losing the password of their Gmail accounts and later crib while recovering it. But Gmail has provided few accessibilities for the users to recover their accounts. 

Ways To Recover Gmail Suspended Account

A lot of users also lose access to their accounts without even forgetting the password. And this happens because of their accounts getting suspended. And that happens if you violate the privacy policies of Google or have any malicious content in your account. And for the Gmail account recovery of Suspended account, there are diff steps. To find out, tap below. 

Steps To Recover A Suspended Gmail Account 

1. To recover a suspended Gmail account, first of all, sign in your Google Admin console. 

2. Now next, Sign in your administrator account and not the regular Gmail account. 

3. Go to the user's account page. Now at the right corner side, tap on the restore. In case you don't find any restore button then wait for the next 24 hours before the limits are set automatically. During this time, you can still avail of other services of the Google account. 

4. Now in the pop-up message, tap on the reset user. The account will be enabled in the next 15 mins and hence you can sign in the account and access the Gmail. 

And you are done!

How To Avoid Gmail Account Getting Suspended 

1. Avoid opening spam emails and unsecured links that might contain a virus. 

2. Try not to send too many emails in one day to avoid account getting suspended. 

3. Avoid sending or receiving inappropriate emails. 

Google Support

And you will be done! Following the above steps, you can easily restore suspended Gmail account. In case of doubts, contact the customer team of Google.

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