How to setup Sympatico email on iPhone

Need any support that how to set up Sympatico email on iPhone so, this blog will help you or you can contact Sympatico customer service anytime and experts will assist you. Sympatico is the residential internet service provider,it is also called Bell Internet. You can enjoy an easy-to-use interface, a mobile device-friendly experience, an ad-free inbox and more. Sympatico is the largest internet service provider in Canada.

Steps to know how to set up Sympatico email on iPhone

You need to follow these simple steps listed below to set up Sympatico email on your iPhone-

  • Open your iPhone and go to the settings.
  • Then scroll and select accounts and passwords.
  • Select the “Add account”.
  • Touch “other”.
  • After that select “Add mail account”.
  • Touch “name”. 
  • Then you need to enter your name.
  • Touch “email” and enter your Sympatico email address”.
  • Touch “password” and enter your Sympatico account password.
  • Touch NEXT.
  • If your email account details are automatically recognized, the account will be added.

Otherwise, you need to follow these steps to set up manually

  • Touch IMAP.
  • Touch “hostname”, under incoming mail server.
  • Type as the incoming hostname.
  • Touch “username”.
  • Enter your Sympatico email address as the username.
  • Scroll to an outgoing mail server and touch host.
  • Type as the outgoing hostname.
  • Touch username and enter your Sympatico as the username.
  • Enter the password and touch Next.
  • Wait till the email settings are verified.
  • Make sure the email sync is turned on and touch SAVE.
  • An email account has been added.

Advantages of sympatico email 

  • A sympatico email  account includes up to 15 email address.
  • It has sufficient email storage.
  • Sympatico gives you email antivirus protection.
  • It can remove junk from your email account by using the email junk filter.
  • With your Sympatico email account, you can get several other services. You can use it on your iPhone too. If you want to know “how to set up Sympatico email on iPhone”, you can search the process online.
  • You can keep track of all your contacts and create a distribution list then add profile photo too.
  • You can use a calendar to schedule appointments.
  • If you need to create tasks, set reminder or track your progress, you can do with Sympatico email account.

Sympatico Customer Service

If users still have any doubt about  “How to set up Sympatico email on iPhone then they can make ca call on Sympatico email customer Service number anytime and well-qualified experts are there to help you 24*7.


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