How To Translate Image Using Google Translate

With each passing day, Google is setting milestones in every field. The latest feature added to Google is that now it can easily translate images or texts from other languages in your native mother tongue or any language that you want. 

How Can You Translate Any Image Online With Google Translate

Even if you search anything online on Google browser, user has the option of translating it into the language they prefer.  Moreover you can either take a fresh snap and translate it immediately or even pick one older snap and translate. Hence if you also want to do Google Translate image online, you can follow below steps and guidelines.

Steps To Translate Image Online Through Google Translate

1.On your android app, open translator application

2.If you want to translate it in your own language then pick one

3.On your left side, click on the detect language and any language that you want

4.On your right side, choose any language that you can read

5. Now look for camera button and click it

6. Secondly, tap on scan option to take a new photo and translate it if there are any texts

7. If you are taking any old photo then click on import for fetching the photo

8. Now at the last, use your finger to highlight if there is any text and you are good to go

To translate what you see through camera

1. On your tablet or phone, click on Google translator

2. If needed then repeat the same process to choose your own language that you can read and write well

3. Now tap on the camera

4. If required, tap instant

5.Point out your camera to the text you want to translate at last

6. And you are done.

Google Support

Hence that’s all for the steps for doing Google translate image online. If apart from this, you have any further doubts then kindly contact customer care for more help.

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