How To Turn On Siri

Too lazy to move fingers to search? Well, Apple has developed a feature called Siri that helps you to use your mobile by saying few words. Just like Google assistant, sir is apple’s own digital assistant. With the help of Siri, you can send messages, search online and control most of the mobile functions just by using your voice. To be able to use Siri, you need to have a compatible version of the iPhone. 

How Do I Turn Siri Voice Back On

  • In your iOS device, navigate Settings
  • Scroll down to find Siri and search
  • Tap on Listen for Hey Siri
  • Tap enable Siri in the next step
  • Select other features that you want to enable in Siri
  • Next, tap on Enable Siri button

Apple is getting advanced by the asking days. It never leaves any opportunity to comfort its customers and that’s why it constantly introduces new features to its devices. Siri not only helps you with your iPhone but you can use Siri on other Apple devices as well. You can follow the steps to get the answer to How to turn on Siri on:

  1.     Bluetooth devices:
  • Press and hold the call button till you hear a sound
  • You can then speak your command or a question
  1.     Cars: If you use carplay in your car,
  • Press for a bit on the voice button in the steering wheel
  • When enabled, ask your question or give a command.
  1.     Watches: Currently, smartwatches are in trend. Apple is known to develop new technology and it has now provided Siri features in apple watches also. To use Siri, follow these simple steps:
  • In the settings, enable Siri as you did for your iPhone
  • Bring your watch in front of your face
  • Siri will be activated; you can start with your requests.

There are some times when Siri doesn’t respond to your voice. Follow these steps in the setting:

  1. Find Siri 
  2. Turn it off then back on again
  3. After setting up, hit continue when Hey Siri appears on your screen
  4. Utter every single command that comes on your screen
  5. In this way, you will be able to help Siri to recognize your voice
  6. You can also turn on Always listen to Hey Siri

Customer Service

These were some ways by which you can enable Siri and get the solution for how to turn on Siri on different devices. You can use it to save your time and when you are stuck in some emergency and you need some fast actions.


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