How To Unlock iCloud iPhone

If you have an iCloud-locked iPhone, you cannot use the mobile until it is unlocked. Besides, unlocking an iCloud-locked iPhone is not a very easy task. Activation lock that is also known as iCloud-locking is a feature that is available for the iPhone users to keep their device safe from getting stolen or misused by the person who might have it. 

Methods To Unlock iCloud-locked iPhone

Once an iPhone user has enabled the iCloud-locking, then it cannot be deleted by anyone without the Apple ID and password that is only known to the user. Those people who have bought it second-hand and wondering that how to Unlock iCloud iPhone can learn the process from below.

How To Unlock iCloud-Locked iPhone When Original User Is There

  • When the original user whose iCloud locked iPhone you have purchased is near to you, then it is a bit simpler to process unlock task that is further explained below:
  • Firstly, ask the original iPhone user to enter the correct account login credentials
  • After that, go to the iPhone settings and navigate to the iCloud sign out option
  • Then the original user has to enter the Apple ID and password one more time
  • Next you can sign out from iCloud by choosing Delete from My iPhone option
  • Afterwards, go again to iPhone settings and then choose general option
  • Next, move to reset tab and then select Erase all content and settings option
  • At last, restart your iPhone and the activation lock have gone by now

How To unlock iCloud-locked iPhone When Original User Not Near

  • Unlock iCloud iPhone process is a little bit tougher when the original user is not nearby that is further possible with the help of steps are explained below:
  • Contact the original iPhone user and tell them to visit and access their account
  • Further they need to move find iPhone tab and then select the All devices option
  • Next, they have to choose the iPhone  from the list that needed to get unlocked
  • After that, they need to select erase iPhone option
  • Then you can restart your iPhone once removed by the original user from his account

iCloud Support

Hence, the process to unlock iCloud iPhone in both the scenarios when the original mobile user is nearby or when not is explained successfully above. In the similar way, all those people who have bought a second hand iPhone and dealing with the iCloud locking issues can follow the same technique. Besides, you can also get help from a technical personal who has knowledge about the unlocking iCloud-locked iPhone.


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