How To Use Apple Music On Apple TV

If you recently buy a new Apple TV, and luckily you got a chance to play Apple Music on your device how would it feel? Of course, every part of your brain gets activated and makes you feel rewarded.

To reap the benefits of using this Apple Music store on your TV, you must have an idea about the process of using it and its features of How to use Apple TV

About How To Use Apple Music On Apple TV

It is a music streaming service with a collection of 30 million soundtracks that provides both national and international content of the music. You can enjoy the benefits of beats1 radio station, a well-curated play list and many more for a small fee. This service is available across every Apple device for android, Apple TV for How to Use Apple Music on Apple TV

Play Apple Music with an app on Apple TV4

This app lets you listen to your favorite songs and playlist through iCloud Music Library in the section of my music and let all the subscribers access all tracks through service or the radio stations.

After you have subscribed to Apple Music, you are required to log in to the Apple TV with the same Apple ID that you used while accessing the music account and know How to Use Apple Music on Apple TV

Steps To Use Apple Music On Apple Tv

These are the steps that you are required to follow to play music

  • First, get landing on the settings page.
  • Go to the account.
  • Now you can enable the service on your Apple TV.
  • Settings> Apps> Music.
  • Now turn on iCloud Music Library to access the music library.

Open Music Section on Apple TV

Apple recently introduces the section of Apple TV, its music service is divided into six key sections. Let’s check each point in detail for How to Use Apple Music.

  • Library: In this section, you will see all the songs that you already own
  • For You: In this part, you can see the personalized music recommendations, playlists, and numerous other songs of artists and singers.
  • Browse: This section shows you the Artist spotlights, already curated songs, playlists, the latest music collections, and more. Additionally, you can see the links to the latest and entertaining Music, Playlists are hosted on the website.
  • Search: Through this mode, you can place to look for a specific material, both within your own collection and to the Apple Music.
  • Now Playing: you can play whatever music you want to.

 Apple Support

Apple users can control Apple Music using Siri Remote. On Apple TV, sir commands the following for How to Use Apple Music.

  • You can start a radio station based on the song.
  • You can add the album to my library.
  • Play the song again.
  • Add “Burn the witch” to the song collection.

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