Know About How To  Use Facebook Live

Facebook new users need to know about How To Use Facebook Live so this blog will help you. Are you facing some issues with your Facebook account? If yes, then do not get confused and puzzled as this piece of information will help you get the answers to your solutions. Facebook is the world’s leading and known social networking website which is used to connect people from all parts of the world. Ever since it has been introduced, it has become the talk of the town and has beaten other social networking websites and applications. Facebook has now become a household name and does not require any introduction. So, if you are the regular Facebook user and is facing any issues then you do not have to panic. To get the issues fixed, read along.

Facebook Customer Support: An  Innovative Way To Help Users!

As the advancement in technology and upgraded to new functions people are getting confused with the updated version of it. Hence to get the issues resolved the users may get in touch with Facebook customer support. And one of the very innovative and helpful ways to get the resolution is reaching out to chat support. To know How To Use Facebook Live, the user may use the following steps further.

Steps About How To Use Facebook Live

  • Tap the camera icon to the left side of your search bar.
  • Now, give Facebook access to your camera and microphone when prompted.
  • Go and Switch to "Live" on the bottom of your camera screen.
  • Choose the option of privacy and posting settings.
  • Now write a compelling description if you want.
  • Tag your friends, choose your location, or add an activity.
  • Set camera’s orientation
  • Now add filters, lenses if you want or write in your video
  • Click on blue icon “ Start Live Video” and start broadcast
  • Click on the finish after interaction
  • Save video to your camera after posting a reply

Getting the Issues Resolved By Facebook Chat Support

  1. Land on the web browser and go to the official website of Facebook from the search bar at the top.
  2. Enter the username and enter the password and click “OK”.
  3. Tap on the “Help and Support” option which you will find by scrolling to the last tab from the right corner.
  4. Facebook will ask the medium which is convenient for you. Tap on chat with the representative and a new window is displayed in the corner of the page.
  5. Send the greeting message first and you will receive a reply from the opposite end.
  6. Explain your issue for which you have contacted and wait for some time.
  7. Your issue will be reviewed and given the best possible solution.
  8. Try the resolution and share your feedback.

Therefore with the help of the above steps the user learn How To Use Facebook Live hassle-free. Further, the user is free to contact the Facebook customer service for any assistance.

Getting the Help From Facebook Support

In case the user is not satisfied with the solution provided then he may feel free to contact the other medium of Facebook customer support. This customer support is 24/7 active so that the user is free to contact without hesitation and irrespective of your time zone.  
Hence, with the help of above How To Use Facebook Live steps the users can resolve their issue instantly.


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