How To Use Facebook Watch

Everything that you need to know about Facebook Watch and how one can use it

Facebook Watch is a popular on-demand video service that has incorporated features of access to the premium content and video sharing service. Further, this service allows the video creators to upload their videos of the various genres that include drama, comedy, news, and more. Access to this service is free, but one requires to have an active Facebook account. 

How Does Facebook Watch Work 

As Facebook Watch is the built-in feature, one can easily access this service via the official website or by using the Facebook application and other streaming devices. In simple words, Facebook Watch works more or less like IGTV, where the user can access multiple contents from other users and produced content free of cost. 

How Can One Use Facebook Watch Services

Well, for accessing the Facebook Watch service, it is required that the user has an active Facebook account. However, one can even visit the Facebook watch page to view but, one needs to face multiple pop-ups. So, to help out the users with the query on How To Watch Facebook Watch, they can check the provided steps.

For the users who have an active Facebook account, they can follow the steps to access the Facebook Watch services: 

  • Launch the page and navigate to the menu option. 
  • Now, the user is required to click on the Watch option to access the services. 
  • Then, from the provided list of categories, the user can pick one to view videos of their interest. 

Hence, with this, the query on How To Use Facebook Watch is resolved. Besides, some users have queries on how they can access the Facebook Watch service on the mobile app. So, to help users here is the procedure to access this service on mobile.

Procedure To Access Facebook Watch On Mobile

Fortunately, this service is available for mobile devices and one does not require any additional app to access the service. So, follow these steps to resolve How To Watch Facebook Watch on mobile app query.

  • Initially, launch the Facebook app on the device and tap on the Menu button. 
  • Further, the user is required to scroll and tap on the Watch option. 
  • After that, the user can tap on the video or show they wish to watch. 

Can Users Upload Videos To Facebook Watch

Luckily, any user can upload a video to Facebook Watch, but that video might not sustain for a longer period. Further, one needs to upload the page using the Facebook page instead of their personal account. 

Besides, for the users who wish to make their video sustain, these few tips might help their videos to show up on the feed. 

  • First, start a Facebook page and gather some viewership for the page. 
  • Further, use some promotion techniques to reach the masses but avoid excessive promotion. 
  • Now, create a pro-level video for the page and upload it on the page. 
  • Then, to create several other videos to include on the page and once the page has enough viewership, Facebook Watch will easily add up the videos in the stream. 

Facebook Help  Center

Hence, this was the complete details on How To Use Facebook Watch for business and personal pages. For queries, one can contact the Facebook help center for help.

Besides, if the user has any queries regarding the Facebook Watch or its services, one can contact the Facebook help center for assistance.

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