Get Complete Information About How To Use Google Classroom

If we go a few years back, no one had imagined that learning would be so easy and simple that one can attend a class from anywhere across the world. The assignment would be paperless and student can attach videos in their projects to make them more informative.

Well, gone are the days when you have to go to the classroom for learning. Now Google Classroom is here to make it possible to attend class from anywhere, it is a free web service that lets the teacher and students streamline the classroom.

Steps About How To Use Google Classroom

How Would You Set Up Google Classroom?

  • The first thing you should do is going to
  • There you have to provide your Google account address and click the Next option.
  • Further, you need to fill in the password and click on the Next option.
  • Thereafter, you would reach the Google Classroom page.
  • There you would see the '+' option at the right top corner by clicking the option, you would get two options; Join Class, Create Class.
  • You have to pick the option you want to work with and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Also, you can select your desired theme and design. Once the Google Classroom set up is done the students are ready to sign up through the class code.

In this way, you would not be worried about How To Use Google Classroom. And without any hassle, you will be using Google Classroom. Now, you must be thinking about its benefits, well, there are lots of advantages you will get once you set up Google Classroom. To give you a hint in what way, it will help you a few pointers are added in this article go through them.

What Are The Best Features Of Google Classroom?

Store Class Materials

In Google Classroom, you would get the Store option to save information like class syllabus, rules, or helpful lesson guides. In addition, all the classroom material gets stored so that a student can access throughout the year. And also the work of a student is not placed in a shared folder. It keeps the work private which is shared between teacher and student.

Make Announcements

Google Classroom also makes it easier to make an announcement among the students. Through the Announcement feature, the teacher can send important notices to all the students. Every student will get a notification on their email account also the announcement will appear on the top of the classroom thread.

Create Assignments

With this digitalized world, now you can create assignments without wasting paper, Google Classroom offers you Create Assignments feature which let you make assignments with some advanced options like the title for the assignment, description, and due date as well. Besides, you can attach videos, files, and step by step guide.

Questions Feature

Google Classroom doesn't have a feature to create a quiz or test, you can use 'Questions' to ask multiple choice question and answer along with a marking option.

Grade Assignments

The teacher can provide the grades for the assignments with the Google Classroom and also comment on the assignment. Also, it will store the student's grade.

Integrate Apps

Aside from this, a student can use other apps on Google Classroom while accessing the classroom. Google Classroom focuses on results by collaborating with the students and the teachers making learning easier.

Google Support

Customers still have any doubt How To Use Google Classroom so just make a call on Google Support Number anytime.

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