How To Use Google Home Video

Google Home is one of the best ways to control plenty of devices to your home automatically whether it’s phone or tablet. 

Ways To Use Google Home Video 

There are lots of benefits of using Google Home but there are many users who don’t have any idea how to use it on their devices even it’s a very simple thing to use Google Home video screen on devices. If you are one among the users, then you should know what kind of things you can do with Google Home video.

Method 1: Use Google Home Video as a Photo Display

If you want a slideshow photo frame, then you can simply do that with the help of Google Photos features which is specially designed for the Google Video hub. You can use Google home video to do that through the below steps:

  • Open Google Home app and then click on Google Home Hub device.
  • Click on Device’s Settings.
  • Now scroll down and then click on Photo frame.
  • Now enable the Photo frame and then you will be redirected to the next page.
  • After that, go to the Photo Settings and then select an album that you wish to create for Google Home slideshow.

Method 2: Use Google Home Hub as a Video Display

You can also use Google Home hub to display your video content and you can follow the below steps to use Google Home video to display your content through the below steps:

  • Open the Google Home app on your phone and then tap on Google Home device.
  • Tap on gear icon to go to the Settings of Google Home hub.
  • Tap on Default TV in the Device Settings.
  • Now select Google Home hub as your Default TV and then tap on Done.
  • Now find the Video section and then tap on + icon which is next to that particular service you wish to use.
  • After that, tap on the Save tab.

Google Support

With the help of the above-mentioned instructions, you can use Google Home video in a very simple manner. In case you still need any kind of assistance related to Google Home video, then you may contact the customer support team.


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