How To Use Google Voice On Computer Desktop

Google voice is the free internet Phone service provider powered by the Google. It gives numerous service of voice and text messaging, call forwarding for the Google account customers.

Learn The Process To Use Google Voice On Computer Desktop

To use Google voice, you should make use of Google account, Go the Google voice homepage and sign up. Google voice helps to choose a single phone number with the friends, colleagues by which you can contact. This feature enables you to answer the incoming calls with the help of convenient method. So read each and every point carefully to start the process of setting up of the Google account.

Getting Details About How To Setup Google Voice On Computer

These are the most suitable approaches or the steps to set up the Google account in one go.

  • In the first step, create the voice Google account.
  • Google will prompt to choose a Google voice number.
  • Users will be assigned based on the city or area code.
  • After selecting, users will be prompted to link voice Google account to the existing phone number.
  • Enter the verification code to the linked phone number.
  • In the third step, you will be asked to add the additional phone number which you want Google voice to forward to.
  • This is the setting up of the work phone when the Google voice number is dialed.
  • After finishing the setting up of the account process, users will receive a brief mail welcoming to the Google voice.
  • Now you have successfully completed all the steps to set up Google voice.

Google Voice Support

Whatever we have learned so far, it’s all about to use the Use Google Voice On Computer Desktop. Apart from that, user can call directly to the dedicated support team of the Google or mail to the authentic department of the Google to get your query resolved.

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