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If your internet explorer not working on your device so , this blog will help you or you can contact to the internet explorer technical support number to solve your issue with the help of technicians .

Internet is the basic need of all the people who knows how to operate a computer. From kids to students to professionals, everybody needs internet. Also, the internet should be fast and consistent. Many internet service providers are promising the best internet service. People need internet in their mobile , laptops, desktop and any networking devices. Millions of people are completely depended on the internet in their professional as well as personal life. Many browsers are there which are equally responsible for providing the fast, consistent and secure internet and Internet Explorer is one among them. Earlier it was down due to various other browsers having more advanced feature then it but it is back with its latest version and features.

Issues regarding why internet explorer not working

IE is the oldest browser. People using the IE often faces the issue that Internet Explorer not working. This article is dedicated to explore this issue as why such problem occurs and how to handle and troubleshoot this. If user is having some important work on internet and after clicking on the IE icon, user finds that Internet Explorer not opening then it is very annoying. Let us see the issue and its possible recovery in the next paragraphs.

If the browser has stopped working then it might be due to following reasons :

  • may be the .dll file is corrupted.
  • may be the internet connection is not proper
  • may be the version is not latest
  • may be the operating system is not compatible or of older version.
  • may be the anti virus is not supportive
  • other reasons

So let us troubleshoot the issue. When user finds that Internet Explorer not working or crashing etc. he can go for few below mentioned things.

  • Reset the settings.
  • Go to Tools. Then click on Advanced  tab.
  • Check the option to Delete Personal Settings and click on Reset.
  • This may resolve the issue. If not then go to next step.
  • The dll file may be corrupted. So let's find out that file and delete it.
  • Right click on My Computer.
  • Then click on Manage and select Event Viewer.
  • Expand the Windows Log and then click on Application.
  • In the right side of the screen, user can see the list of logs.
  • User can see few logs with the Red Cross. try to search and locate the timestamps to locate the error based on time.
  • Now user can either repair or delete those dll files. It is advised to boot the system in Safe Mode if you are deleting the file.
  • Still the problem is there then check the Zone and time.
  • In the Internet Properties, go to Security.
  • Then click on the option, Reset All Zones To Default Level.
  • It may be a media player issue that Internet Explorer not working so make HTML5 as the default player.

Shoot the issue of Internet not working on Chrome!

If you have Chrome browser and you get the issue of the internet not working, and you are in search of the reason and needed the solution accordingly, then, you need to go through the following :

  • Check your internet connection: You can check the connection by connecting the other devices to the internet.

Alternatively, you can check the connection by using the other browser.

  • If the internet connection is alright and you get the issue of internet not working on Chrome, then, other troubleshooting steps are given below:
  1. You can force stop Chrome and restart the Mac/Windows:
  •             You can quit Google Chrome by pressing down Ctrl+Alt+Del key
  •             Or if you have Mac operating system, you can use the combination
  •             Cmd+Option+Esc and quit Google chrome.
  •             Power off the computer, do not click on restart, you need to power off the computer.
  •             When the computer shuts down, power on it to start it again
  1. Ensure that Chrome is updated: You can check if the Chrome is updated by going through following procedure:
  2. Click on triple dotted icon.
  3. Click on Help.
  4. Under the Help, you get the option About Google Chrome.
  5. You can finish the update by clicking on Relaunch button if it shows that Chrome needs update.
  • If even trying the above procedure, you are unable to sort out the issue internet not working on Chrome, then all you need to do is go through following procedure:
  1. Open a new tab.
  2. Type the command chrome://flags in the Chrome URL
  3. When a web page opens up, find experimental QUIc protocol.
  4. Under the option, change the settings by clicking on Disable
  • If you still face the issue of internet not working, then, you can try following troubleshooting issues:

In this step , you need to disable hardware acceleration as this might be the reason due to which Chrome acts strangely, you can go through following steps and disable the hardware acceleration:

  1. Click on triple dotted icon that you can see on the right side of the chrome browser URL.    
  2. You can go to Settings.
  3. Click on Advanced option.
  4. Click on to disable Use hardware acceleration when available.

Go through above steps to remove the issue of internet not working on Chrome

Internet Explorer technical support number

Contact at the IE technical support service if the issue is just as it is and Internet Explorer is not opening. The experts are available through email or phone and they can guide the user to overcome the problem. The technical support is 24/7 active for user's help. So , ask the experts , find out the solutions and enjoy the browsing using IE.


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