Ways To Fix iTunes not working 

iTunes is the most popular source of listening to music and podcasts for Apple users. Apple devices are such that they are highly popular and expensive. But despite being costly these devices are leading the hearts of people from different parts of the world. They work on their operating system called iOS. Therefore, it has different applications like iTunes for listening to music, iCloud for saving data and all important files. 

So, if you are encountering issues while working with iTunes then you shall not panic. This space is here to resolve your iTunes not working issue. 

Reasons Behind iTunes Not Working! 

Nothing in this world works flawlessly and can face issues while working. So, if you find that you are unable to listen to music or podcasts then you may find out the reasons behind it. Some of the reasons causing such an issue for iTunes not working on Mac or any other Apple device. 

  1. The first reason that comes into consideration is an improper internet connection. 
  2. Another reason can be a collection of caches and cookies. 
  3. Using an old version of iTunes may also lead to such an issue. 
  4. If you are facing iTunes not working on iPhone then it can be due to the old version of the operating system that you are using on your iPhone. 

And there can be many other reasons which can cause this issue. So, to get the issue fixed you can read the article further. 

Troubleshooting Ways for iTunes Not Working! 

  1. First and foremost check the internet connection. If it is not working and the reason behind causing iTunes not responding then you can contact your service provider to solve the issue.
  2. Deleting caches and cookies from the storage of your device might as well fix your issue. 
  3. Do not forget to update your iTunes version so that no such issue of iTunes not working on Mac is encountered. 
  4.  Update the version of the operating system from your iPhone so that you do not face issues while using it. 
  5. If you feel like iTunes is not working on iPhone due to software issue then you can run the repair mode from iTunes and this issue will be checked and resolved properly. 
  6. Also one can uninstall and then install iTunes if he is finding iTunes not working on iPhone and does not see any improvement. 

Apple Support 

If after following the above various ways to fix iTunes not working issue then you are free to contact Apple Support. This apple support is 24/7 active and will be pleased to help you.


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