Why Is My Microsoft Teams Not Responding

Microsoft Teams is a communication program developed by Microsoft. It offers services like chat and video conference. It has been used by many professionals during Covid. While using teams many users lose their connectivity. That breaks their flow of work. This blog is all about how to Fix Microsoft Teams Not Opening and responding.

Fix Microsoft Teams Not Responding

There are many reasons your team may not respond most of them are given below. You can go through these to Fix Microsoft Teams Not Responding

Corrupted Cache

This may happen after a long time of installation Microsoft team, it may be because of corrupted cache got build up in cache memory or some time because of third-party software, old file etc.

You can fix this problem using the below steps.

  • First, click on the taskbar and choose Task Manager.
  • Choose Microsoft Teams in the section, right-click and select End Task.
  • Click Start, look for File Explorer, open it
  • Copy and paste the available location address in the address bar and click Enter.
  • You will see a hidden folder named cache.
  • Select all files together and delete all the files

  Click yes to delete.

  • Repeat same to delete all the corrupted cache file to fix Microsoft Teams Not Responding

Server not working

With so many people working online, this problem has become very common,

You can check through the down detector whether your server is working properly or not. In that case, you can wait for some time and re-try again to Fix Microsoft Teams Not Responding

Common error codes

Error codes are another reason you may face problem with your team. Check for the common error code and resolve it

Try different connection

To Fix Microsoft Teams Not Opening, you can also use it on a different platform. You can use it on your phone by downloading the Microsoft team app, desktop etc. You can try different browser also like Windows, Firefox, Android etc.

Once you sign in to teams using a different connection, you can check for its setting using the Microsoft guide. This will help you to Fix Microsoft Teams Not Opening

Re-start and re-install

The most workable and easiest way, you can re-start your Team app and check whether it's working or not else you can delete your app and re-install it again. Login again in most of the cases it started working after and Fix Microsoft Teams Not Opening


Open the teams setting, look for Find and fix a problem with the Windows Store app. press search. Now there will appear a screen, from there you have to select "apply repairs automatically" and then select "Next" you will find out some instructions. Follow them and get your teams fixed.

Hope this information will Fix Microsoft Teams Not Opening problem. But still, if there is something left you can contact Microsoft team customer support. You can connect Team in many ways

Microsoft Customer Service

Connect via phone- you can call their toll free number, else you can also connect with Microsoft customer executive and get your team fixed.

Connect via chat- using Microsoft official website you can connect via chat and get your issue resolved.

You can also use Teams social link to connect them.


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