Know About The PayPal Refund Policy

PayPal is a well-known American company that operates online payments systems worldwide. It supports money transfers that are done online and an electronic way for money orders and checks. It is widely used due to its safety and security for the transactions.

This service is based on one-click transaction with a password. If a user is transferring money through PayPal, it will be completely secure. The whole amount of a transaction can be refunded as gross amount equals to net amount and additional refund fee. The refund period is 180 days from the original transaction day. Partial refunds are also provided in PayPal. In case, the user wants to have the refunds for the payments made, the PayPal Refund Policy is used which is as follows:

  • Issue refund using API

  1. For a full or partial refund, Refund Transaction API is used. This API issues a refund to the holder of PayPal account related to transaction. The API is used to issue full or partial refunds for the transaction within 180 days of payment received.
  2. Once the refund period is passed, Refund Transaction API will not work for the merchants. There will be manual refund by issuing a credit to the buyer from the PayPal account.
  3. Other API’s used by the merchants are MassPay for crediting PayPal accounts and DoNonReferencedCredit for issuing a credit card without involving the original transaction.
  • Issue refund from

Refund within 180 days of transaction:

  1. The user needs to login to the PayPal business account.
  2. Then Payments received is clicked in panel of transaction on the Summary page.
  3. In the next step, the user is required to select the payment whose refund is needed. The page of Transaction Details opens up.
  4. Further, Issue a refund link is clicked.
  5. The refund amount is then entered. A message can also be entered.
  6. Continue button is clicked, and the page of Review and process refund is displayed.
  7. Finally the refund amount is verified and Issue refund button is clicked as per the PayPal refund policy.

Refund after 180 days:

  1. The PayPal business account is signed-in.
  2. The Money link on top of the page is clicked and then Send Money is clicked.
  3. After that, Send money to friends and family is clicked.
  4. By entering the required info, Next is clicked.
  5. Finally, by reviewing the info, Send button is clicked to send the refund.

PayPal Customer Service

To know more about PayPal Refund Policy, the PayPal Customer Service can be contacted. The technical executive will serve the user with best assistance and details are available on the PayPal website.


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