PDF Password Recovery

Well, there are many users who encounter an issue with the password-protected PDF file especially, when they have lost or forgotten passwords. It can be a great deal for some users to lose access to some of the important data. Luckily, with the help of the recover PDF password software, the users can easily restore access to the file. 

Guide To Recover PDF File Password

The best thing about this software, no matter how long the PDF file was password-protected, one can easily make use of this software to perform  PDF Password Recovery for all the versions of Adobe Acrobat. 

Methods of recovering PDF password using software

Once the user has installed the PDF password recovery password, they can recover the password linked to the PDF file by using the below-mentioned methods that include the following: 

  • Search using password length: For the users who remember the approximate length of the password, they can make use of it to recover the PDF file password. And if the user remembers the characters of the password, then one can set the maximum and minimum length of the password and search through the device using the software. 
  • Using the template: In case, if the user remembers the password partially, then they can make use of the set of templates offered by the software to mask the symbols of the particular parts of the password and try to verify the variations. 
  • Exhaustive search: It is one of the PDF Password Recovery that offers a 100 percent recovery success rate but requires a lot of time. Further, it is suggested to the users to make use of this option when the PDF file has both the user and owner password which are long and complicated. 

 PDF Support

Thus, these are the few methods that one can try out to recover the password of the PDF file using the software. So, make use of the listed options and restore access to the PDF file in time. 


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