How To Recover Disabled Apple Account

Though it is widely known that Apple has acquired significant space in the market and it is gaining momentum day by day across the globe. 

Ways To Recover Disable Apple Account

Well everyone buy Apple phone to experience luxury features like Siri and apple account, but if these features stops working in your phone what would you do? Apple has already prescribed some of the basic ways to recover disable Apple account. Let’s check these ways to start working again on your apple account.

Follow The Steps To Recover Disable Apple account

  • First, Go to
  • Now Login to the account with apple username.
  • Enter the phone number and click continues.
  • App will send notification to the device linked to the Apple ID, so that you can easily reset the password.
  • But if you don’t have access to the device, click “ Don’t have access “ shown at the bottom of the screen.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to unlock password.

Two-factor authentication

It’s better to secure your account and add the protection layer to prevent any malicious activity. This way you can access your apple id if you have the login credentials.

After going through all the methods, let’s dive deep to know the reason behind this problem of Apple account recovery

Reasons Behind Disable Of Apple account

  • Apple automatically disable apple id when from outside or unauthorized user try to access the account, or when you used the wrong user credentials and give wrong answer of the security question.
  • It could be due to entering wrong username and password for many times.

Though not everyone is well versed in fixing the technical glitches, some of us are dependent to the customer support team, here find a simple process to connect with the team of Apple.

Take Assistance From Apple Support

  • First move to website of Apple support.
  • Next, read all the helpful topic of repair screen, iphone battery replacement and subscription or purchase refunds to resolve the issue if related to
  • After completing the steps, you will see different number of options available for the different products available.
  • Aside from the above, you can call to the advisor of the apple representative for the better feedback or the answer.

Beside, above all the points to Recover Disable Apple Account, if you want further assistance then you can call directly on their helpline number to get the immediate feedback or assistance.


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