How To Recover Gmail Account With Date Of Birth

Gmail is an email service used by millions of users on the internet. By using Gmail, a user can access various Google services and many third-party applications also. For accessing any application, the user is required to have the credentials for a Gmail account. 

Info about Google Account Recovery With Date Of Birth

If a user is unable to access the account or the error message of denied access is showing up on the screen, the account needs to be recovered. The account can be recovered using various recovery options. 

Ways To Do  Gmail account Recovery With Date Of Birth

Sometimes when a user is trying to recover the account, they search for the option of Gmail account recovery through the date of birth. The user searches for the process of How To Recover Gmail Account With Date Of Birth. As Gmail is known for its security and authenticity, it gives recovery options that keep the account safe. The option of account recovery with a date is not there in Gmail or Google. Other than this, the user can choose any of the options mentioned below:

  • Initially, the Gmail account recovery page is browsed on the internet.
  • It will redirect the user on the recovery page, where the user is asked to enter the email address of the account.
  • By entering the email address, the Next button is clicked. It will redirect to the password page.
  • Here the user is required to click the Forgot password link to start the recovery procedure of Gmail.
  • On the next page, the user is asked to enter any last remembered password of the Gmail account. If the user remembers, it can be entered otherwise Try another way is clicked.
  • The next option is to select the date of creating the account. If remembered the user can select the date otherwise Try another way is again clicked for Gmail account recovery.
  • After that, the user is asked to enter the phone number which is linked with the account and whose missing digits are displayed. Gmail will send a verification code on this number. The user is required to enter that code in the blank field. The correct verification code will allow the user to recover the password, otherwise, the option of another method can be chosen.
  • Finally, the option of recovery email is there. In this, the user will get the verification code on the alternate email linked with the Gmail account. The email in the inbox will have the code which is required to be entered in the given field.
  • Once verified, the user will get the option to create a new password.

These steps are followed when user enquires about How To Recover Gmail Account With Date Of Birth.

How Will You Do Gmail Account Recovery with Security Question?

If you have a need to recover your Gmail account recovery with security questions and looking out for steps to perform the recovery, you can follow the given steps.

  • First and foremost, you are required to open the account recovery page of Google.
  • Once you reach there, you should fill in your Google username and click the Next option.
  • After that, you are required to choose the Forgot password? option present under the password field.
  • In addition, you can recover your account using the last password of your Google account. Just in case, you can't recall the old password, you can proceed by clicking the Try Another Way option.
  • Further, you can choose the security question for Google account recovery and you will see the security questions.
  • You need to answer the questions correctly in order to prove your ownership to that account.
  • Thereafter, you would get password reset options on your screen where you have to create and confirm the new password.
  • Lastly, you should click the Save Changes option to complete the account recovery process.

How To Recover Deleted Gmail Account

With the introduction of a lot of new emails and features, people have created their account on multiple email company. And as a result of which they are getting confused with their username and passwords. In case you are also such a user who is facing such an issue and find that your Gmail account has been deleted as you have not logged in since long. Then you do not have to panic as you can still get an active Gmail account even after deleting it. To know how to recover Gmail deleted account you can follow the steps below. 

Knowing How To Do Gmail Account Recovery in Simple Steps! 

  1. Open a web browser and go to from its search bar. 

  2. Enter the username in the sign-in page that is displayed in front of you and tap “Next”. 

  3. Enter the password and tap “Next”. And if you find “We are Unable to Fetch Details as Account has been Deleted” with various options below it. 

  4. Tap on the “Recover Account” option such that you are taken to the Google account recovery page. 

  5. Select any one option from the recovery steps and you need to choose recovery using security questions. 

  6. Answer the questions correctly and then tap “Next”. 

  7. Gmail will be checking the answers and then displaying your profile picture to confirm the identity. Check the picture and tap “Yes, It is me”. And Gmail will now ask you to create a new password. 

  8. Make sure that you create a password that is strong enough and easy to remember. 

So, with the help of the above steps, you can get back your Gmail account which has been deleted. And in case you are not able to get back your account and still finding resolutions for how to recover Gmail deleted account then you can contact its customer service. This customer service is 24/7 active to help the users irrespective of time.  

Gmail Customer Service

For more help regarding Google Account Recovery, a user can contact the technical support of Google. The details through which they can be reached is provided on the official website of Google.

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