How To Recover Temporary Disable Hotmail Account

Due to the increased online threats and hacking, the email providers have updated their security features. With more security options, you will have a safer email account. The privacy and safety of email accounts are important due to the personal ad confidential emails. Hotmail has also started monitoring the email accounts to protect user data. Whenever there is any unauthorized access or suspicious activity on the account, Hotmail temporarily disables the account. To access it again and recover temporary disable Hotmail Account, you need to recover the account. All recovery details are provided in this article.

Steps To Reactivate Temporarily Disabled Hotmail Account

If your Hotmail account is temporarily disabled, you can regain access by recovering the account. The steps to recover temporary disable Hotmail Account are as follows:

  • The first step is to browse the link of Microsoft account login. 
  • Enter the valid credentials of the Hotmail account to sign-in.
  • When you are signed-in to your account, enter the recovery phone number to receive a security code as a text message. 
  • Once you receive the code, you need to enter it in the verification field. 
  • When you are verified by Hotmail, you will get the option to create a new password for the account. 
  • Once you change the password to a new one, your disabled account is enabled.
  • Finally, you have successfully regained the access to your Hotmail account.

After Hotmail Account Recovery, you can enable extra security features such as two-step verification. It will keep your account safe and protected from any online threat.

Hotmail Customer Service

If you have any other query or facing some issue while using Hotmail account, contact the support team. The technical support of Hotmail is available 24x7 for assistance via call, email or live chat to resolve all queries related to Hotmail Account Recovery. You can simply browse the official webpage of Hotmail or Microsoft and use the contact info.


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