What to do if Roku Remote Not Working?

Roku is a brand name for the series of digital media players. The series come up with their content in the form of channels. Roku is officially operated by a Japanese company that offers streaming devices to its users.

Roku’s streaming device can receive data when it is connected via a wired or wireless connection to an internet router. After that, the output data of Roku device is received through a video cable, audio cable or HDMI cable (some cases). There may be times when a user faces the issue of Roku Remote Not Working.  To get a solution for the issue, a user needs to identify the model of remote. Once the model of Roku remote is identified, below mentioned fixes can be tried:

Easy Ways To Fix Issue Roku Remote Not Working

  • If a user has IR remote, the issue might be due to blocked signals. The user needs to check if the IR signals are blocked. To resolve the issue, user can try placing the remote on a different or higher position for the clear signals.
  • The batteries of the Roku remote might be causing the issue. In case, the batteries of the remote are dead, it is responsible for the remote malfunctioning. For this, the user is advised either to change the batteries or the remote itself.
  • When the issue of Roku Remote Not Working is there, user can try restarting all the Roku devices which include Roku remote, Roku Player or Stick. It can be simply done by unplugging the cables. After waiting for a few seconds, they should be connected back. The issue might get resolved.
  • Another fix that might resolve the issue is re-pairing Roku remote with the device. For this, initially the batteries from the Roku device are removed and cables are unplugged. The cables are kept unplugged for a few seconds and then plugged back. When the logo of Roku appears on the screen, the batteries in the remote should be inserted. After that, the pairing button on the remote is pressed and held till the light flashes.
  • The issue might be due to the streaming stick. The user needs to check the HDMI connector and port. In case of a defect, it should be replaced.
  • The internet connectivity is a must for the working of Roku devices. Whether it a wired or wireless connection, it should be properly working.
  • The user is required to download the Roku app from the app store or play store of the connected device.
  • It might be possible that the Roku remote is faulty and is causing the issue. If it is defective, it should be replaced with a new one.

Roku Customer Service

For any help related to issues or queries of Roku Remote Not Working, Roku technical support can be contacted. The executives in the support service their users with the best services and assistance. To contact the support center, the info provided on Roku’s official website can be used.

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