Safari Password Recovery

Safari browser is one of the popular browsers on the internet. It is the default browser in all the Apple devices, whether it is a Mac, iPhone or iPad. As it is a compatible browser, you can use it on other devices also. If you have an Android device or Windows PC, you can download the application and use the web browser. Safari browser has the feature of saving username and passwords on various websites. You cannot view the passwords on its preference window. If you want to view the saved passwords, you can use Apple's Keychain Access. In the case of Windows, you have the option to use any third-party application, to view the account passwords. Here, in this article, you will find the info about Safari password recovery.

Ways To Recover Safari Passwords

While accessing an account on Safari, if you save your password, it will be automatically saved for the website. After saving the password, when you log in for the next time, it will automatically fill your password. In case you have lost the passwords from Safari, and you don't know how to recover Safari password, use the steps mentioned below:

  • Safari Password Recovery on Mac

To recover Safari password on Mac, you can follow the steps:

  1. Open Finder, click on Applications and then double-click on the folder of Utilities.
  2. Then, double-click on the icon of Keychain Access.
  3. Now, if asked, enter your keychain password. The keychain has the feature to use the default password, and won't ask you the password until you have created a new password.
  4. Now, you can click on any website and then click the option to Show password. 
  5. Also, you can hold the option key, then click a website and copy the password to use it any other application.
  • Safari Password Recovery on Windows PC

Here are the steps to recover Safari password on Windows PC:

  1. You can download and launch a third-party app and launch it by double-clicking the executable flight. 
  2. If required, you can use and save the password on any other file on the computer.
  3. There are numerous applications and software available. So, you can use any of the available options.

Safari Support

For any other details on Safari password recovery, you can contact the technical support. You can avail the tech support services which are available 24x7. To find the contact info, you can browse the official webpage of Apple and navigate to the support section.

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