How To Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication

A two-factor authentication is a form of digital data security. Also, it has nowadays become quite essential for keeping your data safe on a device. 

Procedure To Turn Off Two Factor Authentication 

Similarly, Apple also provides digital data security to its users through two-factor verification as well as two-step authentication both of which are slightly different. Although, turning on two-step authentication on your iPhone provide data security, but when you verify through two-steps authentication it become more difficult for a hacker to access your personal data. However you have to turn Off Two-Factor Authentication on iPhone at first, for changing to the two steps alternative, more information regarding which is as below.

How Can You Turn Off Two-Step Authentication On iPhone

If you are confirmed that you have activated two-factor verification on your iPhone, and now you want to remove it for one or another reason, then learnt the procedure from here. Hence, the right procedure to turn Off Two-Factor Authentication on iPhone is as enlisted below.

Steps To Turn Off Two-Steps Verification On iPhone:

  • First of all, you have to unlock your iPhone
  • Then tap on the settings icon from iPhone home screen to open it
  • After that move to the Password & Security section
  • Next, tap on turn off two-factor authentication tab
  • At last tap continue button to save the changes

Steps To Turn Off two-step Authentication On Desktop:

  • Open Apple website on your desktop browser
  • After that move to the account security section
  • Then choose the edit button and navigate towards two-step authentication that is on
  • Next, tap on turn off two-factor authentication and verify your security question and birth date again
  • At last you will receive a notification that two-factor authentication is tuned off

Customer Service

Therefore, you can simply turn Off Two-Factor Authentication on iPhone or on the desktop by following the above mentioned procedure for it. Apparently if you encounter any trouble while turning off the verification you must get professional assistance from its customer care department.


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