What is Google Keep

what is Google KeepGoogle Keep is a note-taking service designed and developed by Google which is the part of Google’s G-Suit and also available in the form of an app for both Android and iOS users. Google Keep let you take notes, create images, and store them by typing, drawing, or speaking. 

Everything You Need to Know About Google Keep, Its Features and Uses

You can also convert your handwritten notes directly into text with the help of Google Keep. It is a cloud-based service where all your notes are placed saved with your Google account that can be synced on your device automatically. There are lots of users who don’t know what is Google Keep and how it is useful for them in varied manners. If you are one among those, then follow the mentioned instructions to understand about Google Keep.

What Makes Google Keep Useful Service?

The best thing about Google Keep over the color-coded note in ColorNote Notepad is that it will keep you sync across the varied devices whereas ColorNote needs you to back up your notes in order to transfer them between your computer and smartphone. Both of these services not available on the iOS platform and you can only use it on your computer or Android phone.

What You Can Do with Google Keep?

There are plenty of features provided by Google Keep that you can use to do the varied things in a very simple manner. If you want to know what is Google Keep and what you can do with it, then follow the below instructions:

  • Draw a Note

Google Keep’s pen the icon helps you to write notes or draw images in the full-color mode and plenty of thickness options.

  • Search and organize your notes

You can use colors and labels to create varied categories of notes. You can simply search your notes by color, keyword, and tag that you are searching for.

  • Pin Important Notes

Keep your important notes on the top of the list by pinning them on the desktop. From moving notes to organizing them or keep them separate to delete, you can simply do the plenty of things.

  • Bookmark web pages

With Google Keep, you can simply create a note from a web page and then keep the URL saves to find it any time.

  • Create a checklist

You can easily turn your note into a checklist with the help of a toggle switch that can add checkboxes and allow you to search in a checklist.

Google Support

With the help of above-given instructions, you will be able to know what is Google Keep and how to use it in a very simple manner. But if you still require any kind of assistance, then contact the customer service team of Google Keep.


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