Why Google Tv Not Connecting To WiFi 

In the era of modernization, we all must have forgotten how it used to be when we used to set up antennas on top of our houses just so that we get the proper cable in our television. Well, a lot has changed and it has changed for good. The cable we used to watch on our television has been replaced by the internet and the big old boxes of television have been replaced by sleek screens of technology.

In this era, people usually connect their TV to their Wi-Fi connection and watch the stuff they can find on the internet, which is almost everything. But what if you face a problem and you are thinking about the answers on how to Fix Google Tv Not connecting to wifi, no worries resolutions to situations like these are created as well.

Why Does Google Tv Not Working

It is always recommended to first know why the problem is occurring before knowing the solution to the problem. The below mentioned points will help you in understanding the root cause for the problem.

  • Connectivity- Check whether or not you have an active internet connection which is connected to your TV. Check the pointers on your router as well whether the signal shows that it is connected to the internet or not. 
  • Updates- Just like our smartphones, smart TV’s also need an upgrade from time to time. Sometimes, if the TV is not upgraded it might lag and the performance gets compromised. Check whether or not your TV has the latest version of android or not. 

Thus, the above mentioned points can be the root cause of why your TV is not getting connected to the Wi-Fi and can be resolved to help you get the solution to the problem of Google Tv not responding in a hassle free manner.

Steps To Fix Google Tv Not Working

The below-mentioned points will help you to resolve the problem occurring with your Google TV.

  • Reboot- First of all, perform the basic troubleshooting which is, restart your device. A lot of problems get fixed if you just restart your device for once. When the system starts again, it naturally fixes all the problems occurring.
  • Clear Cache- For the people who do not know, caches stores on our TV as well. Our TV can lag because of that too. Just go to the profile section and visit the Apps section. Once you do, you’ll see an option for Clear caches, click on that. It boosts the performance of your TV.
  • Account Security- Check which account are you logged in from in your TV because what if it is a fault of your account and not your TV that your Google TV is not connecting to Wi-Fi.
  • Permissions- Check whether or not the mandate permissions are allowed for the TV to connect to Wi-Fi, so the applications can run smoothly without delaying the procedure.
  • Corrupted Application- Your Google TV can also lag and fail to connect to Wi-Fi if you have a corrupted application installed on your TV which is not allowing your TV to perform smoothly. 

Google Customer Service

Therefore, with the help of the above-mentioned steps one can easily know the root cause of what is not allowing the Google TV to connect to the W-Fi and how to get resolve the query of Google Tv not responding and connect it to our Wi-Fi connection in a hassle-free manner for better performance and long lasting life of the technology that we own.


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