Ways To Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working?

Yahoo in today’s time needs no introduction. Even though internet is crowded with ample of web platforms and every user is having multiple accounts. If you go back to the history of internet revolution, yahoo has been one of the oldest pioneers in Internet world. An USA based Internet Company; yahoo has been one of the oldest sources for emails.  Thus one can easily exchange emails for both work and personal use. But sometimes yahoo stops responding to mails or receiving it. Hence if you are also facing similar issues on your account, make sure that you know about the exact reasons of it. And hence to know about how to fix Yahoo mail not working, refer to below details.

Reasons Behind Yahoo Mail Not Responding

There are many reasons of Yahoo mail not working. To know better go through below reasons!


At times internet stops working or gets disconnected because of which online applications don’t work. Hence to know more you can check for internet connectivity. 


When there are ample of messages in your account, it causes space issues. Thus to avoid it, one can clear space or else new texts will not load. 


Maybe sometimes virus enters your device hampering the working of system. And a lot of applications also suffer including Yahoo because of which new mails don’t load. 


Because of unwanted files and extensions, other major programs don’t work. Thus if you want to ensure it doesn’t happen, try clearing cache files


Maybe there is a server issue with Yahoo because of which it stops working in almost all the system. 

Once you know about the reasons, you can work on them by following below methods.

Methods To Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working


If the issue is with server, then Yahoo will not work in any of the system. Thus all you can do is waiting till server resolves the issue themselves.


Make sure to connect your system with a strong internet connection to avoid all kinds of internet connectivity.


When a people open a lot of windows at the same time, yahoo might stop responding. Thus try working on one page at a time. 


Maybe you might have blocked any user and forgotten. And now when you are trying to get his mail, you can’t. Thus check your blocked list first.

How To Fix Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails

Yahoo mail is a significant free webmail service in terms of sharing crucial information with the client. Yahoo webmail service is user-friendly that helps to access different kinds of devices like Android, Mac, iPad, iPod, iPhone and much more. If you are observing that your Yahoo email account is not working fine while sharing and receiving emails to the clients. Most commonly this problem occurred when you have incomplete the settings on your phone or laptop device. In addition to this, behind this issue, you need to check out every single basic cause that would help you in resolving the issue as soon as possible.

Learn the basic cause of the error when Yahoo mail not receiving emails:

  • If the Yahoo mail server is running slow.
  • Having an account setup.
  • Getting a local computer or app issue.
  • The filter is moving setup.
  • The Internet is slow and not opening the webpage.

Sometimes Yahoo mail account does not work fine on Android devices due to mobile and mail server settings. Therefore when Yahoo mail not receiving emails you must check out the settings of IMAP and SMTP mail server and find out the clue to get the issue fixed instantly.

Following are the methods helping you on how to fix Yahoo mail not receiving emails:

  • First of all, sing in your Yahoo mail account sign-in page and enter the correct email address and password.
  • You should go to the settings where you can see the mail server settings like IMAP and SMTP mail server.
  • Enter the correct email address and password and click on the mail server settings and move to the next.
  • Click on the IMAP mail server and move to the next where you can have basic guidance to come over the problem soon.
  • Select the SMTP mail server and follow the same process after you can select the SSL mail server.
  • Click on the sync button and enter the mobile phone number or email address into the field and move to the next.
  • Now you have to select other settings where you can click on the email setting that allows entering the credential to confirm the task.
  • After completing the task, enter the password into the field at the end.

Yahoo Support

If you want further assistance and information in terms of offering email service or if you don’t know how to fix Yahoo Mail not receiving emails, you need to start the troubleshooting task without facing any trouble with ease. Still need to know how to fix Yahoo mail not working so, just make a call on Yahoo Support and experts are there for help 24*7.


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