Google Search Not Working on Pc

Google users may face issue like Google Search not working on Pc so this blog will help them and resolve the issue or they can contact to the Google customer service number anytime for help. Google Chrome is an excellent browser that deserved the title at the fastest speed. Users have repeatedly noted that it is also one of the best when it comes to fighting viruses, Trojan horses and other infections on the internet. In recent years, Chrome has become more popular. But even the best ones are not insured against errors and errors, and you may also encounter a situation when Google Chrome is not working.

Get Assistance About Google Search Not Working on Pc

Has the browser failed to open pages, bugs or even run on the computer? Is Google search not working on Pc? Check your computer’s internet connection and if the issue still remains then get instant technical support through Google Customer support phone number. It fixes the issue immediately and makes it available to use.

If the browser fails at the beginning of the work, the main reason for why Google search not working on Chrome may be the wrong installation of “Chrome” on your computer. It is recommended to reinstall the chrome on your computer. It will be necessary to completely remove the browser and then go to the official site and download a new application there. That way, the easiest solution is the latest update of the Google Chrome version.

How to fix the problem of Google Search not working?

  • Check your browser for any malicious applications. If found any, remove it from your system.
  • Resetting the modem or router settings can solve the problem of blocking the search, but not the fact that for a long time.
  • If you have a router at home, check if your Wi-Fi is a protected home network from strangers. Turn off wi-fi and try again with the search.
  • If you have a mobile Internet and you have the issue of Google search not working on Chrome then reset your browser cache.
  • Turn off mobile data and turn on again. Try restarting your mobile device.
  • If the issue is still there, contact the Google tech support team directly on its toll-free customer support number.

Google Customer Service number

If users still have doubt about Google search not working on Pc then they can contact to the Google customer service number and resolve all their issues with the help of experts anytime 24*7.