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Google users may face issue like Google Search not working on Pc so this blog will help them and resolve the issue or they can contact to the Google customer service number anytime for help. Google Chrome is an excellent browser that deserved the title at the fastest speed. Users have repeatedly noted that it is also one of the best when it comes to fighting viruses, Trojan horses and other infections on the internet. In recent years, Chrome has become more popular. But even the best ones are not insured against errors and errors, and you may also encounter a situation when Google Chrome is not working.

Get Assistance About Google Search Not Working on Pc

Has the browser failed to open pages, bugs or even run on the computer? Is Google search not working on Pc? Check your computer’s internet connection and if the issue still remains then get instant technical support through Google Customer support phone number. It fixes the issue immediately and makes it available to use.

If the browser fails at the beginning of the work, the main reason for why Google search not working on Chrome may be the wrong installation of “Chrome” on your computer. It is recommended to reinstall the chrome on your computer. It will be necessary to completely remove the browser and then go to the official site and download a new application there. That way, the easiest solution is the latest update of the Google Chrome version.

How to fix the problem of Google Search not working?

  • Check your browser for any malicious applications. If found any, remove it from your system.
  • Resetting the modem or router settings can solve the problem of blocking the search, but not the fact that for a long time.
  • If you have a router at home, check if your Wi-Fi is a protected home network from strangers. Turn off wi-fi and try again with the search.
  • If you have a mobile Internet and you have the issue of Google search not working on Chrome then reset your browser cache.
  • Turn off mobile data and turn on again. Try restarting your mobile device.
  • If the issue is still there, contact the Google tech support team directly on its toll-free customer support number.

Google in today’s time of internet revolution doesn’t need any introduction. As they say more the merrier therefore Google few years down the line has expanded as well as innovated itself with so many benchmarks. From just a mere search engine to introduce Google talk, Google duo and also launching its own mobile phone series, it has been a roller coaster ride for internet’s biggest pioneer. But nothing comes in a perfect package. There are certain drawbacks of the internet's biggest invention too. And one of the most common internet bugs that its users suffer is Google Search Not Working.  Now there could be many possible reasons for Google not working. You must have seen that while you type something in the search bar, the server doesn’t load the web page you asked for. The most possible reasons of Google search not working could be few like these listed below:

1. You must have not turned on the internet. Therefore make sure that your internet is working properly.

2. While we do internet browsing suppose related to online shopping, social media hopping or anything else, we visit a lot of online websites whose links get saved in browsing the history of the system. Therefore because of too much of piled up cache memory browser might stop working.

3. Because the current version of Google is not updated on the phone, that’s why Google stopped working. It’s our human tendency of overlooking things which are actually important and we forget to update the device.

4. If you think it’s just because of your phone giving you a hard time by hanging then you can restart your device by rebooting.

5. Now, these could be the possible reasons why your Google search not working. If we know the problem then we should also know the solutions.

Solutions To Fix Google Search Not Working Are Listed Below

1. The first thing that you need to do is try fixing your internet. Check if your Wi-Fi is connected to your device or not.

2.If it’s not internet then what it is? Try restarting your computer or phone and see if it was because of the system hanging and not the browser.

3. To avoid any such hassle, always keep clearing your search history and regularly update your Google application.

4. Try opening all the search-related web pages in your incognito window to avoid saving all the search history.

5. Try fixing the Google application by clicking on the phone’s settings and tapping on the application manager setting. You can tap on force stop, clear cache and restart the application to make it run smoothly this time.

Thus these were the basic solution if you find Google search not working which you can fix on your own. In case your application still doesn’t fix, you can reach out to Google help desk online or support team by calling or emailing anytime. They will resolve your queries.

Here is everything to learn for the Google search when it is not working on chrome:

It has been observed that most of the users always get so much frustrated when their internet browser does not work fine and at this, they need immediate assistance simply. It is all about the Google search that helps to provide information after searching a buddle of stuff but if you stop and you are not able to manage your search engine of Google you are required to go for the troubleshooting task that will help you in offering you the correct suggestion within a short span of the time.

Is really Google search not working on Chrome?

If you are trying to fix when your Google Search is not working fine, you are required to get in touch with the tech support team. In the team, you can have a chance to go away from the error and you can find out the immediate assistance within a short span of the time.

Follow the below points to fix Google search not working on chrome instantly.

  • Go to the history button and click on the cache and cookies button and then move to the next.
  • A code will be there that you are required to enter and after that, you can select the cookies file.
  • Select all files to remove at the end of the task.  

So it is important to find out the cause of the error from the Google settings and then you can select the remove button in no time.

Google Customer Service number

If users still have doubt about Google search not working on Pc then they can contact the Google customer service number and resolve all their issues with the help of experts anytime 24*7.

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