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Know How To Create Email Account

Email has become an important part of everyone’s life. Now people cannot imagine their lives without this means of communication. Everywhere in the world, emails are being used by people for sending, receiving, storing and many other services.  It is the user-friendly service which is used to send, receive or communicate to different clients at the same time. Numerous email companies are introduced for users with some of the other advanced features. Some of the emails that are prominent are Yahoo, Gmail, Rogers, Bellsouth, Apple mail, Zimbra, Thunderbird, Lotus etc and are known for each of their different services.

These emails are generally the free webmail service that has helped users in every which way to make the account private and secured. To avail the services of any of the email, one is required to create an account with a unique username and strong password. To know how to create email account one may follow the steps below.

Learn How to Create an Email Account

If you are new into the business and do not know how to create an email account then you do not have to feel embarrassed. Here, you are provided by the resolution.

  1. Open the web browser and go to the official email website which you want to create the account.
  2. When the login page is displayed in front of you, tap on the “Sign Up” option at the bottom of the username field.
  3. Now start to enter your information like first name, last name, gender, birth date etc and then tap “Next”.
  4. In the next step, create a unique username and a strong password and tap “Next”.
  5. Enter the phone number and recovery email if you want to enter or you can skip this step and move further.
  6. Re-enter your password again for the confirmation and tap “Done”.
  7. Your account will successfully be created and now you can enjoy all the services of the email.

Therefore, with the help of the above steps, the user can even create the email account on the mobile phone. Hence, there is no requirement to search for how to create an email account in mobile separately. Now let us discuss some of the features of the email.

Features of Email

After knowing how to create an email account,  let us enlighten you with some of the interesting services of the email.

  1. The email enables you to send receive and save all the important files from your friends and colleagues.
  2. Email like Gmail also helps in maintaining the records, creating the documents, saves backup etc which helps in the long run.
  3. The user-friendly interface, regular updates and many other services are some of the perks of email service which makes the work easy for its users.
  4. Also, the email requires internet access to work and perform its functions whether on a computer or whether on mobile. This also is answerable for the users who are thinking about how to create an email account in mobile. Yes, they are required to check the phone’s internet connection.

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