Get Complete Information About How To Download Google Earth

Google Earth is a computer program developed by Google Inc. which works on superimposing satellite images and renders the 3D representation of Earth. It gives you a virtual tour around the globe and facilitates to view even your car parking and the object lying on the ground. And if you are thinking to download Google Earth and don't know what to do, then, to help you in this, we have brought you all the information from system requirement to installation and its usage. Simply go thoroughly the article to know how to download Google Earth.

And before we start to download the Google Earth we should be aware of the system requirement to install the Google Earth.

System requirement to install Google Earth

To install Google Earth, your system at least have this minimum configuration:

  • CPU - 1 GHz or faster
  • Operating System - Windows 7
  • Hard Disk - 2 GB free space
  • System Memory (RAM): 2 GB
  • Graphics Processor - DirectX 9 or OpenGL 1.4 compatible
  • Internet Connection

And for best results and better access the recommended configuration is as follows:

  • CPU - 2 GHz dual-core or faster
  • Operating System - Windows 7 and higher version
  • Hard Disk - 4 GB free space
  • System Memory (RAM): 4 GB
  • Graphics Processor - DirectX 11 or OpenGL 2.0 compatible
  • An active internet connection with high speed

Now if you wondering how to download Google Earth then without wasting the time you should read the below content to know the steps.

Steps to download and install Google Earth on Windows

  • First of all, you need to search for Google Earth on your web browser and go to its website.
  • Then you have to click on the download link of Google Earth and start the downloading.
  • After that, on completion of downloading, you need to right click on the downloaded file.
  • And choose Open option and follow the instructions.
  • Also in order to open Google Earth, you need to click on the Start option.
  • Then select Programs and go to Google Earth.

Further, if you want to download and install Google Earth on your Mac then you would require to follow the given steps:

 Know How To Download Google Earth on Mac

  • First of all, you simply require to going to the Google Earth website and click on the download link.
  • And as the downloading completes, you need to open 'GoogleEarthProMac-Intel.dmg'.
  • Thereafter, you are required to click on the 'Install Google Earth Pro.pkg' file and then you have to follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Besides, to open Google Earth Pro, you should open the Application folder and make a double click on the Google Earth.

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