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Know How To Use Google Talk

Google has spread a service web in almost every section of the market and is ruling like a King. Having made a big amount of profit, Google and its services have become user’s favourite. And now Google has introduced a new way for the users. This way is the introduction of Google talk. This is now also known as Hangouts. And with this feature of Google, people now can get connected either on phone call, video call or text messages. Let us study about it along with How to use Google talk.  

Know More About Google Talk Closely

Google talk might be an old application of Google, but with its updates and name change, it has become totally new. This is now popularly known and used in different parts of the world. The user interface of this application is reliable, easy to use, and very simple, unlike other chat applications. Hangouts is the easy and inexpensive way of chatting right now.

Do not get confused and get started with the application right now. Take a look at the following steps that will help you know how to use Google Talk.

Learn Simple Steps About How To Use Google Talk

  1. Set up the Google account first as without which Hangouts cannot work. If you already have the Google account then you can skip to next step.
  2. First, download the Hangouts application on the mobile phone and sign in using your Google account and tap “Next”.
  3. Then wait for few minutes for the account to be set up. When the homepage is displayed in front of you. And then you can add your friends in contact.
  4. To add the friends, tap on “+” sign displayed at the bottom right and enter a name, email or phone number.
  5. Select the option whether you want to video call or start a new conversation and then search the person and tap when the name is displayed.
  6. After the person is added to the contact list, you can talk to him anytime and anywhere.

Therefore, with the simple steps above, you can easily set up the Hangouts account and also how to use Google talk.

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Further, the user can get in touch with Google talk customer service for any kind of help and concern. The folks at Google will try to solve your issue in priority in a short span of time.

Besides, the user can contact Google support for any issue apart from how to use Google Talk.

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