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Fix Here: WordPress Website Not Working

What! You've made changes to your WordPress website but the changes are not appearing as it has to be. Or you're seeing WordPress is not responding error?

Got Stuck With An Issue WordPress Website Not Working? Fix Every Problem Instantaneously

Well, this may happen due to some mistakes that you might have done with your website. In such situations, the user starts to panic. But you shouldn't. As all the problems can be fixed by doing a few steps and to help you with it, this post has brought you all the required information, just go through this post. 

What to Do WordPress Site Not Loading?

It could be anything behind this issue however you can fix it by doing a few steps. To help you in this here are a few instructions to perform to fix the problem of loading the website.

Check Proxy & Firewall

You should find out if the internet connection is behind a firewall or proxy connection. Sometimes, these tools may block CSS files which leads to not loading error. You need to clear the firewall or proxy cache and cookies. Also, press Ctrl and F5 key together to reload your webpage.

Upgrade WordPress Plugins

This issue can also appear due to an upgrade for your plugin that you have installed on your website. You should check if any upgrade is there, upgrade it instantly. If still, you are seeing the issue, you should deactivate the plugin.

Configured Cache Plugin

Sometimes, the user configured the cache plugin poorly which may cause WordPress site not responding error. When the cache plugins like W3 Total Cache, WP super cache are not configured properly it clears the cache when any changes are made to your WordPress website. But it fails to clear the cache, in this way, old and new changes appear altogether.

What is WordPress Syntax Errors and How to Fix it? Check Out the Solutions Here

There are times when you see a syntax error while using your WordPress website or blog. Well, this happens due to a mistake in your code. In this way, the compiler couldn't process the commands or the file and fails to show the result on the website properly.

This majorly happens due to incorrect lines in PHP scripts. Some of the common mistakes are:

  • Missing punctuations
  • invalid variables,
  • incorrect coding structure
  • Wrong function names

And so on.

Moreover, it may happen that you have installed a new plugin or extension and it's causing the issue. You can follow the below steps to fix Syntax Error In WordPress:

  • First of all, you need to find the root of the issue by following the error message. It will show you the path to corrupted files.
  • Once you find the file, you need to open panel' File Manager.
  • Then you should reach the folder that contains the file. Also, you can reach out to the folder by navigating to public_html -> wp-content -> themes -> twenty seventeen.
  • Further, you need to double-click the file which is corrupted and find the line causing the problem.
  • Check the issue, it could be a semicolon, comma or anything.
  • Next, correct the mistake and click the Save & Close button.

Once you complete the above steps, you would be able to fix Syntax error in WordPress without much of a stretch.

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With all the above information, you would not be seeing any further problems like WordPress site not working. On the off chance, if you still see any problem with your WordPress website, you can get assistance from the technical support team. All you need is to dial the helpline number and the resolution will be provided to you immediately.

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